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A modern adult size onesie (2011).

A onesie is loose-fitting casual jumpsuit for adults, made of knit cotton (as used in sweatshirts), fleece, or chenille. They often have a hood. Onesies are mostly intended as loungewear or sleepwear, but have gained significant popularity as stylish street fashion. In the UK, the onesie became very popular during the late 2000s and early 2010s.

The word "onesie" for adult jumpsuits is likely derived from Onesies, a brand name for infant bodysuits that is owned by the Gerber corporation. In 2008, when casual jumpsuits became increasingly popular, the press started discrediting them as "adult onesies" and the name seems to have eroded to a generic word. Adult onesies are jumpsuits, not bodysuits, but the word "onesie" blurs that distinction.

Onesies are also popular among teenagers and children. Onesies for kids are often designed as costumes of an animal or a superhero.


Jumpsuits originate in skydiving, hence the name. They are loosely cut and cover the whole body, including the arms and legs, and are closed with a zipper at the front. Jumpsuits are also known as boilersuits, as coveralls in North America, or as an overall (or "overalls") elsewhere, especially in the UK. They are used as workwear in many professions.

Similar one-piece garments of a softer fabric are also worn as underwear (union suits) and as warm winter pajamas, primarily in the United States and Canada. These are worn by children and adults of both genders. They can be optionally footed and can have a drop-seat for toilet use (see drop-seat pajamas).

Other kinds of jumpsuits (non-pajamas) are not footed and usually have no drop-seat. Skin-tight versions of thin, stretchy material are called catsuit, unitard or (when worn as female underwear/lingerie) bodystocking.


A woman in a bodysuit.
Hooks at the crotch of a bodysuit.

A bodysuit (or shorthand body) is a one-piece form-fitting garment that covers the torso and the crotch, but not the legs. A similar garment is a leotard. Bodysuits have only occasionally a zipper or buttons; otherwise they are made to stretch into place. Some have a crotch opening and some don't. Bodysuits for adults are generally a female garment. They may or may not cover the arms or shoulders.

Infant bodysuits resemble T-shirts with an extension at the middle front and rear that has a snap fastener which closes at the crotch. They allow easy diaper changing and are also known as snapsuits. They are worn by infants of both genders.

The term romper suits can refer to infant bodysuits, but also to infant jumpsuits, as well as a wide range of different garments for children or adults.

Onesies in ageplay[edit]

Onesies are popular garments among adult and teen ageplayers. They are cuddly and can evoke cuteness.

There are onesies (jumpsuits) that have snap fasteners along the inside seam of the legs, making them a cross-over to legless, crotch-openable bodysuits. They are produced for example for incontinent or handicapped people, as they permit easy diaper change, or as a toilet use variant to drop seats, but are also popular for ageplay.

As a further variant, there are also adult-size infant bodysuits, with a snap fastener at the crotch. These too are popular among ageplayers, especially for diaper play.

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