On-the-spot spanking

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Punishment on the spot.

An on-the-spot spanking is a spanking that is given instantly, i.e. without any lengthy preparation, waiting time, discussion, or scolding. An on-the-spot spanking usually has no talking from the spanker and excessive begging from the spankee.

While some spankos greatly enjoy the fearful anticipation and lengthy preparation rituals before the actual spanking, others dislike these and prefer on-the-spot spankings.

An on-the-spot spanking is usually given in response to a misbehavior, or to catching an offender in the act. Either case can be real or a roleplayed. Without making much fuss or words, the spanker grabs an implement that's within shortest reach (for example, a wooden spoon or cooking spatula if in the kitchen), or simply spanks with his/her hand. The spanker quickly brings the spankee in a position of his/her choice, such as the underarm position or over the knee, bares his/her bottom if it is to be a bare bottom spanking, and then immediately begins the punishment.

Usually also the classic warm-up phase is neglected or completely omitted in an on-the-spot spanking.