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A nurse working in a hospital.

A nurse is a medical worker tasked with the routine care of a patient as well as clerical duties, admission services, etc. Traditionally female, there are now an increasing number of male nurses in the medical services. A nurse performs many tasks independently and under the direct supervision of a doctor. Depending on her level of training, a nurse may be called on to assist with everything from a simple examination to a complex surgical procedure.

Regularized in the 19th century, following the experiences and reforms of Florence Nightingale, the nursing staff provide the backbone of medical care in hospitals, and frequently outside as well.


The sexy nurse costume is a staple for Halloween, role playing, pornography, and fetish films.

Nurses since that time have frequently worn a uniform, featuring different styles of dress, apron, and cap or veil, the details of which may serve to distinguish a hierarchy of matron, sister, nurse and student, amongst others. Such details may consist of patterns of cut, style of headdress or the colour of the uniform.

In the UK, a nurse's dress is typically blue, often supplied with pockets for the convenience of the staff. In other countries, nurse's uniforms are often white.

The uniform – as well as the general image of the nurse as sympathetic female care-giver – quickly became an object of sexual fantasy in erotic literature and film. As early as the 1920s, pornographic stag films about nurses cavorting in hospitals began to appear.

Candy stripers[edit]

LisaNova as a naughty nurse.

In the U.S. a candy striper is a young, female hospital volunteer; a concept that originated in the 1940s. The name comes from the candy cane look of their red and white-striped pinafores. Traditionally, the girls sewed their own pinafores. East Orange General Hospital in New Jersey claims to have started the first candy striper program in 1944.

During the 1950s and '60s, the popularity of candy stripers was widespread. Initially, they simply delivered mail or patient meals, but as nurses became overburdened, the volunteers took on additional duties. Today candy stripers receive more training and might help feed, or read to, a patient; assist as a patient is discharged, etc.

The uniform, much like traditional nurse attire, eventually became associated with male sexual fantasies and fetishism. R-rated and pornographic films about over-sexed candy stripers began to appear in the early 1970s in such films as exploitation producer Roger Corman's Candy Stripe Nurses (1974), the X-rated Candy Stripers (1978), et al. The uniform continues to be a popular adult costume for Halloween, sexual roleplay, and fetish film performers.

Pulp fiction and exploitation films[edit]

The sexy nurse is a popular character in medical roleplay

By the 1950s sexualized images of nurses began to appear on the covers of an endless array of cheap paperback novels sold at newsstands. From tawdry romance novels to pornographic books, and everything in between, the portrayal of the nurse as a sexually available seductress grew in popularity well into the 1960s.

One of the earliest known nurse fetish films is the 8-minute comedy short Naughty Nurse (1969) by Paul Bartel. The plot revolves around a nurse and doctor who meet in a cheap hotel and dress up in metal-studded leather undergarments. (Video on YouTube.)

In the early '70s, low-budget grindhouse and drive-in movies about sexy nurses working in hospitals such as Nurse-made (1971) and Tender Loving Care (1973) became a popular subgenre of the sexploitation film industry. Many of these were made by Roger Corman – who was also producing Women in Prison films at the same time. The five-film Corman cycle comprises The Student Nurses (1970), Private Duty Nurses (1971), Night Call Nurses (1972), The Young Nurses (1973), and the aforementioned Candy Stripe Nurses (1974). In addition, sexy nurses appeared in exploitation horror films such as Nurse Sherri (1978).

Around the same time, European sex comedies emerged featuring hospital workers such as Nurses Report (Germany, 1972), The Sensuous Nurse (Italy, 1975) with Ursula Andress, What's Up Nurse! (U.K., 1978), and Private Nurse (France, 1980).

More recently, the 2007 dark comedy Walk All Over Me stars Tricia Helfer as a dominatrix who specializes in costume role-play including a traditional nurse uniform.

Modern art[edit]

The fetishization of nurses has resulted in a deeply ingrained stereotype that keeps surfacing in films, on television soap operas, in the pages of glossy fashion magazines, as well as contemporary art.

In 2003 American artist Richard Prince began a celebrated series of paintings of white-uniformed nurses based on the covers of lurid pulp-fiction paperbacks from the '50s and '60s. Prince scanned the covers of the books on his computer and used inkjet printing to transfer the images to canvas, and then personalized the pieces by adding layers of transparent acryclic paint.

The nurses all wear caps and their mouths are covered by painted-on surgical masks. In some paintings, their red lips bleed through the masks. The final presentations preserve the title and nurse image from each of the book covers, though almost all else is painted over. Titles include A Nurse Involved, Danger Nurse at Work, Surfer Nurse, Naughty Nurse, Millionaire Nurse, and Dude Ranch Nurse.

For the September 2003 issue of W magazine, the editors invited Prince and other artists and photographers to create images using model Kate Moss for inspiration. Prince photographed Moss decked out as a nurse in a shiny, white vinyl uniform with a zipper up the front, her hand on her hip, and a come-hither look in her eye. The nursing profession was not amused and sent letters of protest to the magazine.


For their 2003-2004 "Naughty and Nice" ad campaign, casual footwear company Skechers launched a series of provocative print ads featuring pop-singer Christina Aguilera. The singer appears in duel roles in each double-image photo (in a classroom she is both naughty student and stern teacher brandishing a yardstick).

However, a hospital-themed ad released in August 2004 sparked much controversy and protest. The photo showed Aquilera as a patient and as a sexy nurse in a skimpy uniform holding up a large stainless steel enema plunger. The ad was pulled in just a few weeks after Skechers received over 3,000 letters of complaint from nurses and nursing supporters who objected to the stereotypical image.

More information and images on this subject can be found in the Links section below.

Nurses in spanking[edit]


Externally hosted image on Handprints: Spanking Art of Pastel #2
Artwork by Pastel.

Nurses often feature both as the adminstrators and as the victims of spankings across the spectrum in fiction, videos, artwork, and role-play games.

As the suppliers of medical treatment to patients who are often undressed, in nightclothes, or hospital gowns, nurses are in a position of some authority, which they may use to spank or otherwise punish a patient, particularly in Femdom scenarios.


Short film on the origin and mystique of nurses and nurse uniform fetishism.
Nurse in a white room setting.

For example, in the Shadow Lane fetish video The Doctor is in, Chelsea Pfeiffer plays a nurse who punishes and humiliates her female patients. Disciplinarian Nurse, from the same company, is another video that takes the same approach.

Conversely, nurses are under the authority of a matron, sister or doctor, or even the patient, who may demand retribution for poor or rough care as in Punish the Nurse and Dirty Nursing (Spanking Sarah), and Doctors & Nurses (Triple A Spanking).

This role reversal or power exchange scenario is a popular plot device as seen in the titles below:

  • Asylum Spankings (Spanking Veronica Works), Nurse Stevie Rose is overpowered and spanked by her patient (photos).
  • The Nurse and the Stewardess (Girl Spanks Girl), nurse Cheyenne Jewel humiliates and spanks stewardess Gigi Allens (photos)
  • The Nurse and the Stewardess 2, sequel to the above, Gigi punishes Cheyenne (photos).
  • Nurse Blackwood (Well Smacked Seat) involved blackmail and humiliation (photos)
  • The Perfect Care (Lupus Pictures) two nurses sexually abuse their female patient and are subsequently punished for their misdeeds.

In the majority of (non-femdom) fetish videos involving a hospital or clinical setting, nurses are portrayed as either over-sexed or inept caregivers who receive the corporal punishment they deserve for some infraction of the rules or providing inadequate service.

Red Stripe Films features a number of videos with nurses, most of whom get punished at home. Some of these titles include Nurse Wife Punished, Nurse Wife Paddled, Nurse Andria Paddled, and Nasty Nursing.

The School Nurse and the Naughty School Girl (from Sarah Gregory Spanking) features a high school nurse who exercises her authority to punish female students. The Faked Illness (Triple A Spanking) uses the same school nurse scenario. The secondary school setting has cross-over appeal for both medical and school girl fetishists.

Two UK companies, Uniform Discipline and Spanked In Uniform, offer an array of films featuring popular fantasy uniforms, including nurses. Spanked In Uniform even has a separate nurse series called "St. Elizabeth Private Hospital" with other 30 episodes. Amelia Jane Rutherford plays a frequently-punished nurse in many of these videos. Another series, "St. Catherines Private School for Girls", features a school nurse who disciplines schoolgirls and occasionally gets spanked by her superiors.

Another UK video producer, Spank Christina, features F/F nurse scenarios in The Medical Room and Nurse In Trouble. Firm Hand Spanking has several punished nurse titles such as Doctor's Orders (2018), also with Amelia Jane Rutherford (see photos).

Cosplay scenes also occur in videos about costume parties and Halloween. In Tricky Treat (Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment), Clare Fonda gets spanked and also punishes Chelsea while wearing a "slutty nurse" costume uniform.

In bondage and discipline videos, nurses are sometimes portrayed as victims. In Prescription for Pain, a typical S&M video from B&D Pleasures, two nurses (played by Greta Carlson and Ashley Renee) are held captive in a dungeon where they are shackled, spanked, whipped, and tortured.

Nurse characters are also popular in medical fetishism as administrators of enemas etc.

Medical theme restaurant[edit]

The Heart Attack Grill is a hamburger restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada with a whimsical hospital theme (and deliberately fatty foods). All patrons must don hospital gowns and wrist bands. The hamburger menu offers four options: single, double, triple, or quadruple bypass (made with 8-ounce patties). The entire staff dresses as doctors and sexy nurses. The nurses wear skimpy costume uniforms and administer spankings and Jello shots in giant syringes. Failure to finish one's meal results in a penalty spanking with a large wood cutting board-style paddle administered by a nurse (YouTube video).

Nurse videos on Spanking Tube and xHamster[edit]

The list of titles below includes web links for watching free corporal punishment fetish videos featuring nurses.

Sarah Chalke in a fantasy scene as a naughty nurse who get spanked on Scrubs.


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