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Nu West disciplinarian Jodi Cline

Nu-West, which later became Nu-West/Leda Productions, is a U.S. spanking company that produces all types of corporal punishment and spanking videos (M/F, F/F, and F/M). It was founded in the 1970s by Ed Lee (David Nielson, 1939-2013). Some videos from the early '90s bear a Nielson Inc. copyright. The company is located in San Marcos, California.


Ed Lee was a pioneer of the corporal punishment video genre, producing his first silent film shorts on Super-8 in 1978. In the early 1980s the company began producing videocassettes with sound as well as rereleases of older silent reels. Nu-West's first spanking "star" during this early period was Debbie. In the 1990s the company expanded into the DVD and online market.

The company began as Nu-West Video (NWV) producing simple, half-hour M/F and F/F vignettes that were short on story and long on punishments (spanking, flogging, birching, and caning). A few titles recreated historical judicial punishment scenarios. Lee appeared as the harsh disciplinarian in about half of the spanking productions and nearly all of the whipping features. The majority of their videos are filmed in the same bare, cell-like room or in and around Lee's house, garage, and horse barn. (An inside look at Nu-West's office and main set is in Penny's Paddling, video at Xhampster.)

The company's videos, over 1000 titles, are known for their severe, no-nonsense punishment content (including flogging sessions that produce bloody welts) as well as its no-frills, low-budget production style featuring less than ideal lighting and camerawork.

Lee retired in November 2012 after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. He passed away in January 2013. After Lee's death, his ex-wife and former spanking actress Debra (Nielson) became the company's CFO. She left within a year following a contentious lawsuit with Dustin Deon, who had obtained ownership of the company.

The post-Ed Lee NWL has experienced a decline in products and services and its future as a viable company is uncertain. According to Debra (see interview in the Links section), "Dustin did nothing except drain a lot of cash from the corporation. He had no experience, interest, or even the motivation to do what it takes to run a business. On top of that, he was never even into our scene..."

In August 2017 the company discontinued shipping hard copy DVDs and now only offers online streaming copies of its videos.

Fetish celebrities[edit]

Early titles from the 1980s feature a number of people who later became notable industry figures such as Debbie, Anne Bowman, cousins Joanne Jameson ("Kimberly" in her earlier films) and Julia Jameson, dominatrix Stephanie Locke, bondage/fetish star Kiri Kelly (billed as Kyrie), porn stars Tanya Foxx and Lili Xene, as well as Dallas, who later created Dallas Spanks Hard.

Jennifer Brooks started out getting spanked over Ed Lee's knee and went on to create her own company, Brooks Applications. Eve Howard also began as a punished submissive at Nu-West (Eve Visits Nu-West, Eve Meets Her Match, etc.) before going on to create her spanking video company Shadow Lane. Dana Specht (Momma Spankings) is another independent video producer and dominatrix who did her first videos for Nu-West. The title Irene is the Boss marks an early appearance of dominatrix Irene Boss who went on to create the Femdom video company MIB Productions.

One curious video in their collection is called Spanked for Jack. Their online catalog describes this as a custom-made video for a client they call "Spanking Jack" (a nickname used by actor Jack Nicholson). There is no mention of Nicholson's name, but it appears to have been made at his request. In the video, two nude girls are simultaneously spanked; during this, they both talk into hand-held cameras (photos).


In the late '80s Nu-West added the Leda division of femdom videos and the company became Nu-West/Leda. The Leda titles feature men being very soundly spanked, paddled, butt-whipped, caned, and humbled by dominant females. Some include enema punishment and sodomy via strap-on dildos.

Many of their long-time employees such as Julia Jameson, her cousin Joanne Jameson, Katie, and Jacque, pull double-duty as strict punishers of men for Leda and well-punished victims for NWV and two other spinoff divisions, Flag Concepts and FBW. Lee appeared in some of these productions as a submissive under the alias Leon Dalman.

Flag Concepts[edit]

Flag Concepts ("Flag" being short for flagellation) offers an extensive line of over 100 hardcore whipping videos (M/F and F/F). There are titles devoted to breast whipping, full-body whipping, etc. Many features include floggings severe enough to draw blood.


FBW (full-blood whippings) is a semi-clandestine line of high-priced, ultra-severe whipping films that the company does not openly advertise. Each of these videos includes several bound women brutally lashed with floggers and single-tail whips until they are covered from shoulder to thigh in bleeding lacerations (photos). Joanne Jameson's segment from FBW 1 can also be seen in the compilation video Whipping Women (2011, video at Xvideos).

Imports and amateur videos[edit]

Occasionally Nu-West/Leda releases compilations of amateur videos that have been submitted to them. These feature M/F and F/F spanking, whipping, and bondage. One title, Madame Lek Severe Punishment, comes from Thailand. A married couple in Russia has submitted a few "Mrs. Volcheck" home-movies such as Mrs. Volchek Gets Her Ass Switched.

They also have a line of Discipline in Russia imports produced by Nettles Corp. and its Roughman Club spinoff division. These mostly show a procession of women, many auditioning for their first video, who are bound to a bench and severely beaten with a switch rod, cane, or whip.


Nu-West launched Home and School Discipline Review in 1983, CP in 1988, and other small booklets with black and white photos that described and promoted their videos along with industry news, letters, personal classifieds, and advertisements.

In the 1990s the company produced the glossy Nu-West International Discipline Review, The World of Nu-West, the femdom-related Ma'am, Mistress, and The Ledagram (starting in 1990, a catalog booklet on Leda videos). Many of these publications combined the elements of a lifestyle magazine with a product catalog of the company's videos, audio tapes, stories, and comics.

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