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Girl in profile, charcoal drawing.

The nose is an organ that is used for breathing and smelling.

Size and shape[edit]

The visible part of the nose protrudes from the face. Its upper end is at a point between the eyes, and its lower end is about an inch above the upper lip of the mouth. Seen from the front, the vertical extension of the nose, as a rule of thumb, corresponds to the vertical extension of the ears.

The human nose changes its shape as a child grows into an adult. A child's nose is not just smaller and shorter, it is also turned at an upward angle so that one can see the opening of the nostrils from a straight frontal view. This is an important detail in figure drawing.

Generally the nose of a male is larger than that of a female.

In comics and cartoons[edit]

Anime girl with just a tiny dot for a nose.

The nose is often greatly distorted in caricatures, comic and cartoon drawings. "Funny" characters may be given oversized noses that tell about their character, whereas child characters may be given much smaller noses for more cuteness. In manga and anime, noses are typically extremely small, up to the point of complete omission. In animal-based characters, the nose and mouth often form together a snout or a beak.

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