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Non-fiction is the opposite of fiction. It describes artistic works (such as novels or films) that are based on specific events that happened in real life.

Since such works are always based on the personal memory and impression of such events, the narration is always an interpretation and a non-objective, personal view. What happened in reality can be understated, romanticized, eroticized, exaggerated, etc. Certain details will be omitted while other details will be emphasized. The selective, interpretive nature is a root element of any art. This fact should be kept in mind especially with regard to non-fiction.

Spanking non-fiction[edit]

By far most spanking art (drawings, stories, videos, etc.) is fiction. Spanking non-fiction includes autobiographical stories (such as childhood memories or stories on events that lately happened to the author), news reports on spanking, interviews that mention spanking, spanking blog postings, spanking party reports, etc.