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An erotic dream, illustration by Jim Black (Luc Lafnet, 1929).

A nocturnal emission is an ejaculation of semen experienced by a male during sleep. It is also called a "wet dream", a spontaneous orgasm, or simply an orgasm during sleep.

Nocturnal emissions are most common during teenage and early adult years. However, nocturnal emissions may happen any time after puberty. They may be accompanied by erotic dreams, and the emission may happen without erection. Dreams, if recalled at all, may not be erotic, or they may be confusing to the dreamer, especially if he is an adolescent, immediately after his first wet dream. The sensations, if any, which accompany a wet dream may range anywhere from simply a tingling sensation to a sense of urinating or having to urinate, instead of the typical orgasm (which is why many teens might awaken in embarrassment believing they have just wet the bed). It is possible to wake up during, or to simply sleep through, the ejaculation in what is sometimes called a "sex dream". Women can also experience orgasms in their sleep.

Nocturnal emissions occur as a physical response to erotic dreams and as a mechanism to expel an abundance of sperm cells, which are constantly in production within the male individual. [1]

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