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Public Domain
Externally hosted image on flickr
Sympathy, painting by Briton Riviere (1877).

The naughty step is a time-out technique for children that is a more modern alternative to the more traditional corner stool or standing in corner time.

When the child has been naughty, he or she is sent to sit still on an appointed step of a staircase for a period of time (such as one minute per year of age, e.g. 4 minutes for a 4-year-old child). If the child does not willingly accept this punishment, fails to sit still, or gets up before the time-out is over, a harsher consequence may be needed.

If there is no step available, e.g. in a one-storey house or flat, a "Naughty Rug", "Naughty Corner" or "Naughty Stool" are alternatives.