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A pierced male nape.

The nape or scruff is the back of the neck. Depending on the context, it can refer to either the place where the head joins the neck, or to the place where the neck joins the torso at the back, above the shoulder blades. Cats carry their kitten at the scruff.

In traditional Japanese culture, the nape (known in the Japanese language as unaji 項) was one of the few areas of the body (other than face and hands) left uncovered by women's attire, so that the nape of a woman's neck held a strong attraction for many Japanese men.

Forced motion[edit]

A female nape with a collar.

Grasping a person at their nape is a common form of forced motion. It allows pushing a person into a desired direction or a desired pose. This anchor point gives a lot of control over a person and is therefore popular in BDSM and spanking. For example, the spanker can grasp the spankee by the nape of the neck to motion him/her to the place where the spanking will be administered. The spanker can use the same grip to get the spankee into the spanking position (such as the bent-over-object position or the over-the-knee position) and hold him/her in this position (with his non-spanking hand) while administering the spanking with his other hand.

Many spankees like to be held by their nape during the spanking as it gives a strong feeling of being controlled and helpless.

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