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Drawing by Mira K.

Mutual spanking is when two persons spank each other, either simultaneously or in succession.

In non-sexual or not openly sexual contexts, such as initiation rituals of hazing, mutual spanking is found in the endurance test of trading licks. Here, the parties take turns assuming a spanking position (e.g. bending over an object or grabbing the ankles) to receive one blow from the other person with e.g. a fraternity paddle. This goes on until one party gives up; the other is declared the winner.

In more playful and erotic contexts, mutual spanking is sometimes found in the play of two switches. In BDSM and BDSM fiction, mutual spanking can also be a punishment upon two submissives, who are put in positions in which they have each other's bottoms in mutual reach, and are possibly restrained (see the illustrations below for examples). Or one can be made to spank the other in a more classic spanker-and-spankee-position (e.g. OTK), and then after a while (and perhaps a short pause to let the spankee regain composure), the two are made to change positions.

Simultaneous mutual spanking does not work too well in practice because the pain of receiving spanks makes it difficult to deliver good, well aimed and controlled spanks onto the other person's bottom. Also the required "splitting of one's mind" into a giving and a receiving part at the same time can be a challenge. These obstacles are shared with self-spanking. Light simultaneous mutual spanking can be fine in fun spanking though.

For 3+ players[edit]

A group of three or more players can also spank each other in a spanking line. Or alternatively they can stand or kneel, or go down "on all fours minus one hand", in a circle and spank each other simultaneously this way.

Mutual spanking in literature[edit]

Mutual spanking for punishment is found, for example, in Lee Academy chapter 56, and in Seth Stories chapter 8.

Mutual spanking in a kind of contest is found in the Palcomix comic Teen Titans "The Blame Game".

Another example in a spanking comic is the game "PP and C" (Penny Penalties and Consequences) in Jade growing up again chapter 7 (link).


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