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The murgha punishment. Drawing by Spankart (2010).

Murgha (sometimes spelled murga) is a form of punishment mostly used in India and Pakistan. Murgha means "cock" (British. American: rooster) in Hindi and Urdu. This is a punishment in which the punished person takes the position of a "murgha". It is done by squatting and then bringing the arms from behind between the legs and firmly holding the ears. This is a very humiliating pose, and it can be very painful after a few minutes because it forces the body into an extreme jackknife position with extra pain on the arms, legs and ears. The murgha position can also be used for spanking, though this is uncommon.

Other names for the murgha punishment are:

  • Murgha banana
  • Murghi or Murgi (means hen; this is what the punishment is sometimes called for girls)

Murgha variants[edit]

There are many variants of the murgha punishment. Some of them are listed as following.

Standing murgha[edit]

In standing murgha, the buttocks of the person should be held as high as possible. This is considered a severe punishment and can get very very painful in just a few minutes. The picture shown above is the standing murgha.

5-6 minutes of standing murgha can teach a pretty good lesson to someone who needs it. It becomes really difficult to keep the butt high and legs start to tremble. Taking this closer to ten minutes or beyond becomes almost impossible unless one's leg mussles are stronger than average. It goes without saying that practising regularly can improve one's ability to do this longer.

There are many murgha stories on the internet talking about standing murgha position for durations as long as half an hour or even a full hour, but these are almost certainly untrue, as although an athlete with very strong leg muscles might be able to do this, any normal person would be simply incapable of such a feat.

It is however possible to prolong the duration a bit by letting the punishee briefly rest their butt in the lower position for say half a minute or so from time to time. Another possibility is to make the punishee remain in the standing position for the first few minutes, and then let them lower their butt for a somewhat longer period. Then towards the end, make them go back to standing murgha for the last few minutes to end on a severe note to make sure the lesson won't be forgotten! Other combinations of standing murgha with the lower position can also be used.

Another possibility for increasing the standing murgha time can be to let the punishee completely come out of the murgha position for half a minute or so from time to time and then return to standing murgha. May be give a couple of stinging slaps to the face during the 'rest' period. Or use a second punishment in addition to murgha and do several rounds of both. For example, standing murgha for 5 minutes, then spanking (in some non-tiring position) for a few minutes, then murgha again, then spanking, and so on. The possibilities are simply endless!

Last but not the least, standing murgha can in principle also be used for spanking, though it is not that common to do so. Since the butt gets fully stretched in standing murgha, a spanking in this position hurts a lot. However, this should be done very cauciously since an overstretched bottom can result in extra bruising and marks. Moreover, murgha (especially standing murgha) by itself is such a severe punishment that a full spanking in this position is perhaps not the wisest idea. Only in rare cases when some really serious offense has been commited should this be considered, and even that too for a brief period.

A more normal application of spanking in the standing murgha is to give a good swat or two if the bottom is lowered without permission just to enforce the order to keep it high. Another one is to briefly give a small number of spanks at some stage (perhaps the start) during the standing murgha punishment, but apart from that just limiting it to murgha.

Sitting murgha (or the default murgha position)[edit]

This is the default murgha position, i.e. if you tell someone to assume the murgha position, they go into the sitting position. In this position, the person is allowed to rest his/her buttocks on his/her arms, i.e. the buttocks can be brought down. The only requirement is to hold the ears from behind the legs. This is milder than the standing murgha, and can be bearable for longer durations. Nevertheless, it is still not easy and still makes a pretty severe punishment. Lower legs and arms hurt a lot. Legs because it's an awkward position and arms because of being squished between the lower and upper part of the legs. (In contrast, standing murgha is easier on the arms as they are not squished, but it is much tougher on the legs including the thighs. Sitting murgha does not hurt the thighs as much).

As the duration gets longer, the pain starts to get more and more unbearable. A time comes when one feels compelled to raise one's bottom to get some relief. However, that only brings temporary relief as keeping the butt raised is really tough (see standing murgha section), so one soon returns to the lower position. That again brings only temporary relief and one again feels like going back to the raised position. In this way, one can end up oscillating between the two positions, not getting much relief either way. If you see someone being punished in the murgha position and they are moving their butt from time to time, you can be sure that they are really feeling the pain and are desparate for the punishment to end!

At such a point, forbidding the punishee from moving their butt and telling them to stay in the lower position can make the punishment really mean! It is however highly inadvisable to do this for too long as staying locked in the lower position can be really bad for blood circulation, so better avoid taking this too far. The desparation the punishee feels while moving their butt from time to time without getting any releif either way should be good enough!

All that said, being able to rest the butt on the arms means that the sitting murgha position it is doable for a much longer period compared to standing murgha, but is still very painful. For younger people in their teens and may be even early twenties, even an hour is not unrealistic. Of course all this depends on body flexibility and fitness, and practising can improve one's ability to take the punishment longer.

Murgha parade[edit]

In murgha parade, the person in addition to being in murga position, has to walk. It is almost impossible to walk in sitting murgha, so for all practical purpose it must be done in standing murgha. This can be extremely tiring for both legs, hands and back. Recall that standing murgha is very severe by itself. Add to it having to walk and it becomes really really tough. It also hurts the ears because of irregular movements.

Given how difficult this is, it can only be done for a very brief duration. Like standing murgha, there are also plenty of stories on the internet talking about unrealistically long murgha parades. In reality, standing murgha itself is hard enough to maintain for more than 5-10 minutes that anyone talking about non-stop murgha parade for 15 minutes is clearly unreasonable. It is doubtful that even an athlete with very powerful legs will be able to do this for too long.

According to some sources on the internet, the punishment can be made harsher by making the person parade under the sun. That is not a good idea. It can cause serious dehydration and should never be done. Some people argue that the murgha position is a good punishment both for disciplining kids (if applied sensibly and within reasonable limits) as well as an erotic activity between consenting adults who are into punishments, but that does not mean one should become stupid.

Heels touching murgha[edit]

In the heels touching murgha, the heels of the person should remain in contact. It can also be either sitting or standing. This is a very severe form of murgha.

However, with normal standing and sitting murgha being interesting and tough enough, this does not offer any special attraction. If you want to punish someone and sitting murgha isn't severe enough to fit their crime, then you can use standing murgha. If that is also not good enough, then mix in some spanking or murgha parade. Visually too, standing murgha has some attraction (butt in the air) and murgha parade too can be fun to watch. Heels touching, however, does not add anything to the view. All it does is to reduce the duration, hence making the entertainment shorter. Arguably, there is little point in doing that.

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