Multi-tail whip

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A cat o' nine tails.
A martinet.
Leather floggers used for BDSM play.

A multi-tail whip is any type of whip that has more than one tail attached to a handle. The tails can be made of any material, common are cord, leather, and rawhide. Examples of multi-tail whips include:

In comparison to single-tail whips, multi-tail whips can be softer or harder, depending on the making. They will be harder when made such that each blow equals a blow of several lashes of a single-tail whip. When the number of tails is high however, and the material is soft, a multi-tail whip can be much lighter since the impact is distributed over a bigger area. This effect is used in the kind of floggers popular in modern erotic BDSM flogging, where too great pain, bleeding is or scarring is usually unwelcome.

The French martinet was the only kind of whip that was once commonly used in the corporal punishment of children in the home.