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Mondo Keyhole (1966) is a sexploitation film written and directed by Jack Hill. It stars Nick Moriarty, Adele Rein, Carole Baughman, and Cathy Crowfoot. This is a fairly typical example of a so-called "roughie" film made independently in Hollywood (and New York) during the 1960s for adults-only grindhouse venues.


Howard Thorne (Nick Moriarty) manages Art Products Inc., a Los Angeles producer of BDSM magazines and fetish movies. (The company logo is a parody of Botticelli's Venus wearing a corset, stockings, and holding a whip.) Having lost interest in his sexy wife Vicki (Adele Rein), he has become a serial rapist who can barely control his compulsion to stalk and attack women. Haunted by nightmares and visions about these assaults, the line between reality and fantasy becomes unclear. Several surreal, quasi-documentary segments attempt to explain his slide into madness and his obsession with the "eternal cruel female".

Howard answers a singles classified ad listed by Carol (Carole Baughman) seeking a "tough guy". He ties her up and whips her with his belt before raping her. Carol then enlists Cathy (Cathy Crowfoot), a man-hating karate instructor, to help her get revenge. They lure Howard to Cathy's apartment where he is bound and suspended. Cathy, now dressed in black latex and holding a whip, sentences him to "eternal bondage and discipline". His nightmarish fantasies have become a reality.

Spanking and whipping scenes[edit]

Howard watches the filming of an 8mm fetish film. Two dominant women (one is white, the other is black) in their underwear with stockings and leather boots, caress and flog a man bound to a slant-table. The director describes this as the "pain and pleasure" torment of a rapist. A clock in the room with no hands represents his eternal punishment. (Whether by accident or design, the director bears an uncanny resemblance to B-movie director Ed Wood.)

Later, Howard watches more of the finished stag film. In a struggle for dominance, the white girl lashes the other girl with her flogger. Then the man and the black girl overpower the white girl and tie her to the slant-table. She gets a few frontal lashes before the other two start kissing and fall onto a mattress on the floor.

Howard is rejected by Carol. Enraged, he wrestles her to the floor, binds her wrists and ankles with cloth strips, and spanks her with this belt.

In the finale, Howard is knocked out by Cathy and wakes up in her apartment bound to an elaborate suspension device of ropes and pulleys. Carol stands before him wearing a lace bodysuit and vinyl boots. Cathy is in full dominatrix regalia (tall laced boots, latex corset, long gloves) holding a bullwhip. Carol whips him, front and back, with a flogger as Cathy kisses him. It is an ironic recreation of the stag movie, including a clock with no hands.

Additional notes[edit]

This movie provides a rare behind-the-scenes look at a fetish magazine and film company in the '60s. As Howard makes his rounds, we see the printing of adult materials and an artist doing an ink drawing in the style of Eric Stanton. Howard also listens to a record, "Tortura, Punishment in Hi-Fi, The Sounds of Pain and Pleasure", a real LP manufactured by Flag Concepts.

Adele Rein and Cathy Crowfoot also played a lesbian couple in The Girl with the Hungry Eyes (1967), an exploitation film that contains a fantasy scene of Rein being flogged.

A still photo of Cathy Crowfoot in her bizarre dominatrix outfit was published as late as 1971 in the femdom magazine The Iron Mistress.

Barbara Nordin has a small role as a girl on the beach. She was also in Ed Wood's Orgy of the Dead (1965), and two films with spanking scenes, Maidens of Fetish Street (1966) and Motel Confidential (1967).

Director Jack Hill went on to make two noteworthy women in prison films, The Big Doll House (1971), which also has a whipping scene, and The Big Bird Cage (1972).


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