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Young Japanese woman in a school uniform with a pleated microskirt.
Pleated microskirt, blown up on a windy day.

A microskirt, also spelled micro-skirt and also known as micro-miniskirt, is a form of short miniskirt and is often pleated. Its rear hemline is about where the buttocks meet the thigh, approximately at the gluteal sulcus. A microskirt is sassy: while a miniskirt draws attention to the thighs, a microskirt draws attention to the uppermost part of the thighs and the bottom of the buttocks. When sitting, the buttocks make direct contact with the seat: the skirt covers the buttocks only when standing, but is not long enough to sit on it—something that a normal miniskirt allows. Glimpses of panties or buttocks are possible, especially when the wearer bends forward. This is generally known and not unintended.

Microskirts emerged about at the end of the 1960s. The titular character of the 1990s television program Ally McBeal, a lawyer portrayed by Calista Flockhart, has been credited with popularising microskirts. The very short skirt is an element of Japanese school uniform which since the 1990s has been exploited by young women who are part of the kogal (or gyaru) subculture as part of their look. Gyaru deliberately wear their skirts short enough to reveal panties (actually a second pair worn over actual knickers) as a form of exhibitionism known as panchira.

In the early 21st century micro-minis were once again revived. For fashionable wear, early 21st century microskirts were often worn with leggings or tights in order to avoid revealing too much. At this time, an even briefer version of the micro-mini emerged, creating a garment sometimes described as a belt-skirt.

Like other miniskirts, microskirts are also found associated with fetish clothing. They are also popular among adult models, erotic dancers, striptease artists, prostitutes and in other adult contexts. Also, in Japanese butt-hitting videos, young girls usually wear these clothes.


A type of miniskirt or microskirt that is made to be worn over a pair of pants is called cacheur, from a French word that means "hider/conceiler".

There are also garments that look like pleated microskirts, but which actually have a kind of panty under the pleats that goes between the legs, making them technically a form of shorts (also known as skorts or culottes).


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