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Mel Penny is a British spanking actress, active in the 1990s. Tall and fair-haired, with blue-grey eyes, she came to prominence as a glamour model around 1988. Mayfair, Escort, Fiesta, and Men Only were among the bestselling men’s magazines that published her photo-sets, along with more specialised titles, such as Juggs, Big Ones, and Bounce. A distinctive feature was her habit of posing with a serious or even challenging facial expression.

Mel Penny’s appearances in spanking magazines include a switch set in Roue 72 (1988) and ‘Test of Obedience’ in Janus 106 (1995). On video, she played first spankee, then switch, and then spanker roles. Although her output was not large, as a confident and articulate actress, Mel Penny was highly regarded on the British spanking scene. She retired in 2001.


Films listed in approximate order of release:-

  • College Classics 8 (Spanking for Pleasure, c. 1994), as Rifkind, with Ivor Gold & Gillian Taylor
  • Behind the Curtains, Vol.2: Tennis Girls (Strictly English, c. 1995), with Lucy Bailey
    • Released as five clips in The Strictly English Spanking Channel, Volumes 33-37
  • It's So Embarrassing (Red Stripe, c. 1995), as Miss Perkins
  • Rattan College, Part 1: The Sports Mistress (Moonglow, 1996), as Miss Grant, with Jenny Close & John Kirwood
    • Excerpt included in Best of the Cane (Moonglow, 2006)
  • Two More for the Crop (Moonglow West, 1999), as Miss Grimthorpe, with Stacey Rowe & John Kirwood
    • Sometimes marketed as Two for the Crop, Part 2
  • Just Another Day at St. Stripes, Part 1: Miss Robinson (Red Stripe, 2000), as Miss Robinson, with Lorraine Ansell, Catherine Corbett & Ivor Gold
  • Just Another Day at St. Stripes, Part 3: Miss Brown (Red Stripe, 2000), as Miss Robinson
  • Loyal Employees (Red Stripe, 2000), as Lady Annabelle, with Catherine Corbett
  • Apron Stings (Smart, 2001), as the aunt, with Elizabeth Simpson & Catherine Corbett
    • Practically a sequel to Loyal Employees; title sometimes misspelt Apron Strings