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Example of a pettanko character.

In anime fan-speak, meganekko (メガネっ娘, or メガネ, めがね, 眼鏡っ娘) refers to female characters that wear glasses, especially when it is considered their most attractive trait.

The word is a compound of 眼鏡 (megane), which means glasses, and ko, which means child, but the kanji used to write this part of the word is not 子 (child) but 娘 (daughter).

The most common stereotype associated with the term, especially in youth-oriented stories, is the ubiquitous "class representative" (iinchō); a well-doing, charismatic but sometimes bossy student who is respectful of authority. This usually earns them the respect of good students or contempt of slackers. Meganekko also sometimes have the connotations of geekish or bookish behavior, but in a complimentary fashion.

A stereotypical example would be Miyuki Takara from the manga Lucky Star.

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