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Masturbation of another person is the act of manually stimulating the erogenous zones, especially the genitals, of that person so as to cause them to experience sexual arousal and/or orgasm. It can be done either with or against their will (or pretended will), and also mutually.


If the masturbation is done by hand, it is called a handjob or fingering. It can also be done with the help of sex toys such as dildos, vibrators, artificial vaginas, and can also be combined with manual anal stimulation (prostate massage), with anal toys or with pegging.

When masturbation is done using one's feet, it is called a footjob (in Japanese, ashikoki). If it is done with the mouth, it is generally not called masturbation but oral sex or blowjob (in the case of fellatio), although the activity and result can be similar.

Masturbation of another person is sometimes called a form of non-penetrative sex, although this is not necessarily the case as penetration of the vagina and/or anus with the fingers or with a sex toy can be involved. Masturbation of the anus is known as anal masturbation.

In brothels, masturbation to orgasm (usually in the form of a hand job) at the end of an erotic massage is sometimes called a happy ending.

When the masturbation is mutual, it is called fingering or heavy petting. When body parts other than the hand, feet or mouth are used (such as genital-to-genital rubbing without penetration), it is called frottage.

Masturbation can be a form of safe sex when contact with the partner's bodily fluids is avoided. Lubricant can help to make the touch of the sensitive genitalia more pleasant and erogenous.

Nonconsensual (forced) masturbation[edit]

Forced Orgasm of a restrained woman (F/F) with a vibrator, demonstrated on Exxxotica New York 2008
Sketch by Johann Heinrich Füssli of a naked man on a bed, his ankles tied to the bedposts, being kissed and masturbated by two women (18th century).

Besides the sexual pleasures involved in giving and experiencing an orgasm, people into BDSM find the idea erotic that the passive partner is brought to arousal, and possibly to orgasm, without their control. As soon as they are restrained and in the hands of a skilled partner who has set their mind on this kind of play, they have no control over whether, when, or by what means they will be "made to come".

When the masturbation is nonconsensual, or when nonconsensuality is "played" in BDSM, or in fiction, and the aim is an orgasm, it is called forced orgasm. The term 'forced masturbation' is generally avoided because it can also be (mis)understood to mean "forced to masturbate oneself" (which is another form of play found in BDSM).

The subject is often restrained for this, with at least their hands restrained so they can not intervene. Often their feet are also restrained with spread legs to provide better access to the genital area. There is a wide variety of possible positions: standing, lying, kneeling, on all fours, etc.

If the subject is male, bringing them to forced orgasm is also called milking. In the case of females, the phrase "made to squirt" is often used, and for both sexes, the phrase "made to come" (or "made to cum") is popular.

In a kind of play known as tie and tease, the partner is bound and then teased repeatedly to the point of orgasm but denying, or stopping short of allowing them to orgasm, a method also known as orgasm control.

Sometimes, mainly in BDSM drawings and videos, instead of manual stimulation, sex machines (for females) or milking machines (for males) are used.

Forced orgasm and spanking[edit]

In BDSM play, art, stories and videos, masturbation and spanking of a person is sometimes combined. Examples of spanking artists who drew such combinations are Franco, Julie Delcourt and Kami Tora. Franco also drew complex fictional "combined spanking and milking machines".

Spanking furniture such as spanking benches, St. Andrew's crosses and spreadeagle tables can also be used for the masturbation of the restrained partner.

Forced orgasms are also sometimes found in ABDL and other forms of kinky play.

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