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Note: This article is about the spanking magazine. For other meanings, see martinet.

Martinet is a British spanking magazine that appeared regularly between 1975 and 1977 and then occasionally until around 1985. It contained photographs, stories, and interviews related to the corporal punishment of adult women by men and women.

Original series[edit]

The original continuous run of Martinet was published first by Martinet Publications of 121A, Hoe Street, Walthamstow, London, and then by London Life Magazine of the same address. It was initially a small-format magazine of 64 pages, priced at £1. The editor was named as Brian Stone, who said in Vol.1 No.1 that the aim of the publication was ‘to present a truthful and educational picture of the strange but harmless urge to spank and be spanked within the context of straightforward normal love-making’.

Much of the content of early issues was supposed to derive from interviews with purchasers of canes and tawses who explained how they used these implements to enhance their sex lives. Some of their experiences and fantasies were illustrated with photo sets. The pictures were printed in black and white, apart from a colour cover and centre-spread. Martinet adopted a larger 48-page format from Vol.1 No.7 and the price rose to £1.25.

In 1977, London Life Magazine released six ‘Martinet Photo Fantasy Specials’, costing £2.50. There were two issues each of Spanking Special Limited Edition, Caning Special Limited Edition, and Tawsing Special Limited Edition. These 48-page magazines were actually not much different from the regular magazine, but they did contain six pages in colour. All the photographs in the first Tawsing Special came from a single photo-shoot with Vicki Scott dressed in school uniform. The second Spanking Special was largely illustrated with stills from the Janus film Late for School (1977).

Publication of Martinet became irregular after Vol.1 No.8.

Later issues[edit]

The later publishing history of Martinet is confusing. Three more editions, priced at £3 or £4, appeared in 1980, but continuous numbering appears to have ceased after Vol.1 No.11.

Various publishers used the title intermittently in the early 1980s, assigning arbitrary numbers to isolated issues. Holly Publications produced a Vol.2 No.3, priced at $6, in 1983, but another Vol.2 No.3, priced at £5, is entirely different. In 1984, Phoenix Bookshelf produced Vol.2 No.4, priced at £5, re-using an editorial from Vol.1 No.8. Imprint Productions Incorporated of California produced Vol.3 No.1, priced at £7. Parliament Publications and Swish Publications also produced (probably unrelated) issues of Martinet in the 1970s and '80s.

All these magazines were poorly edited re-hashes of old material. Their primary purpose was to advertise spanking videos, usually re-releases by Bizarre Tri-Star Productions (based in Van Nuys, Calif.) of early British titles.