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A teenager getting a public spanking at the mall.

A shopping center is a concentration of commercial businesses designed for convenient foot traffic between them. They often contain food courts and host entertainment events to encourage and prolong potential customers staying in the area.

Due to this encouragement they tend to become social centers for teenagers. This causes a paradoxical relationship with the shopping center owners, as teenagers tend to have a large percentage of disposable income and in inclinations to spend it in many of the center's locations, however they are seen as disruptive and charged with loitering. This is often made worse when they might have outgrown every location the community has for minors.


A shopping mall is a large building that contains multiple business grouped to share pedestrian traffic.


A shopping arcade is a street — often covered — filled with shops that is only open to foot traffic.


A bazaar is an open air collection of either kiosk like stalls or at least stores with such fronts so that the customer is not expected to enter the actual building.

Shopping centers and spanking[edit]

Shopping centers tend to be filled with strangers, and if the place is local to the family's home it also has a good chance that someone you know is there. This gives any public spanking that happens there plenty of embarrassment potential. Even when a shopping center is enclosed their open access nature makes such spanking share most of the properties of an outdoor spanking.

Boredom of children accompanying their parents can lead to whining, tantrums and other breaches of public decorum. Wandering off from the guardian especially after being reminded to stay close has a heighten chance of public chastisement due to adding parental fear to the mix. These can lead to an on-the-spot spanking, especially when the child's need to be present is not really optional. A classic case is seasonal clothes shopping trips, in particular back to school shopping trips; especially if a clash between parental and child fashion sense comes to a head.

Shoplifting by a minor if caught in the act by a shopkeeper, or brought back to the shop if caught at home, may be dealt with via corporal punishment either by or witnessed by the shopkeeper instead of involving the legal system if owner and parent are in agreement; or child and shopkeeper if the child is trying to avoid having their parents told.

As a hang out spot for teenagers loitering and truancy might be more harmless causes for a spanking for them, compared to possibilities of graffiti and other vandalism.

Attempts to make shopping center spankings more private could involve using a restroom, changing room, or possibly a shopkeeper's office, though seating in rest areas and food courts are possibilities if privacy is not a consideration.

Most of the above involve misbehavior at the shopping center. Some setting like the Rejuve Universe or Lee Academy, as a way of mixing in humiliation with their punishments, bring the spankee to the shopping center for the primary purpose of delivering a public spanking. This can be with or without revealing this purpose to the spankee. This is also related to fictional varations on a Christmas tradition of the Mall trip for children to deliver Santa Claus with their Christmas list. Instead of treating all the visitors as if they were on the 'nice list', a child on the 'naughty list' can receive a spanking to be transferred to the other list first.

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