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In art and media, mainstream describes work that is created for the general public and appeals to the taste of the masses. A "mainstream" work is something that is not out of the ordinary or unusual. Mainstream works are usually disseminated by mass media.

The term "mainstream" is used in film, literature, music, visual art, photography, and many other art forms.

The opposite of mainstream are works created by and for subcultures and special fan communities whose taste differs from that of the masses. Non-mainstream art, such as BDSM art, may offend the taste of the general public — it may even offend some people within the BDSM subculture because BDSM is a wide field and includes all kinds of fantasies. Some non-mainstream works are labeled "underground".

Non-mainstream works include erotica. However there is also such a thing as "mainstream erotica".

Spanking in mainstream media[edit]

John Wayne giving Maureen O'Hara a hard paddling in McLintock! (1963).

Spanking in mainstream media includes:

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