Maidens of Fetish Street

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Maidens of Fetish Street, aka The Girls on F Street (1966) is an independent sexploitation film shot in black and white by Saul Resnick. It stars Ken McCormick, Toni Lee Oliver, Kellie Everts, and Barbara Nordin.


The episodic, near-plotless story concerns Nick (Ken McCormick), a lonely middle-aged man who lives in a twilight world of strip clubs, sex shops, and prostitutes. He visits The House of Fetish and becomes involved in a sadomasochistic relationship with the ugly old madam, Rhonda, as well as several hookers.

The 62-minute movie is padded with several unrelated but artfully made short films presented as flashbacks or mood-piece interludes. The only connective tissue linking these disparate elements is a narrator who describes each scene using rich purple prose (most of the film lacks live dialog).

Although the film has the seedy atmosphere, frequent nudity, and kinky perversity of a typical "roughie", it also lacks any structural logic or standard plot elements. Instead, Resnick has created a moody, dream-like odyssey using film-noir lighting, various camera tricks, and bizarre sound effects.

The only cast member of note is Barbara Nordin, who appears with Nick in the last scene. She was one of Ed Wood's topless dancers from beyond the grave in the equally surreal horror-nudie "Orgy of the Dead" (1965).

Whipping and spanking scenes[edit]

In the opening scene, we see a dark silhouette in a distant window of one woman thrashing another with what appears to be a whip. Later at the House of Fetish, Rhonda chases a prostitute about with a long-handled martinet then forces her to dance for their amusement by cracking her whip.

Nick is cavorting with a voluptuous black hooker (Toni Lee Oliver) in his room when an enraged Rhonda and another prostitute burst in. The two women wrestle the underwear-clad Oliver to the floor where Rhonda gives her a dozen hard spanks with her beefy hand.

Near the end of the film, Nick is sleeping next to another hooker played by Barbara Nordin. Rhonda creeps in and commences to whip both of them severely with a heavy flogger. Nordin falls to the floor with lacerations covering her back. (See the Links section below for Internet Archive video clips.)


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