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Artwork by Wolfheart (2018).
The Adho Mukha Svanasana posture in Yoga.

The lunge position is a spanking position in which the spankee holds their buttocks at the highest point of their body, as high as possible, by balancing on hands and feet or on tiptoes with no other means of support. Knees are off the floor and as straight as possible. Hands and feet are at least shoulder-width apart for better stability. If the spankee's bottom is not high enough, the spanker can correct it by pulling up the spankee's hips.

In Hatha Yoga, a similar posture (but with feet together, heels on the floor) is known as Adho Mukha Svanasana, Downward Dog or Downward-Facing Dog.

Variants in which the spankee has support under them (lying) are called jackknife position.

Pros and cons[edit]

Lunge spanking position of male

The lunge position is mostly appreciated because the spankee looks attractive, erotic, exposed and spankable in it. No matter how perfect the spankee is positioned, s/he can always improve, holding the buttocks stuck up higher into the air, legs are readjusted to be wider, etc. The spanker should not shirk from making exacting demands regarding proper positioning of the spankee.

The lunge position is one of the most demanding positions. Most spankees find it one of the most uncomfortable and unstable spanking positions and a very difficult position to maintain, especially after the spanking has started. The spanker is assertive in requiring readjustment should the spankee falter in maintaining the proper lunge position. Verbal communication may be necessary to encourage the spankee to continue to assume the correct position.

The position is similar to the bent over a stool position, except that there is no stool - there is no support at all under the spankee's torso or hips. This is also the main drawback of the lunge position. It is not good for longer periods of time, or for anything but a quick spanking (e.g. a short caning). There is a high temptation to collapse into the on-all-fours position (knees touching the ground).

Special use[edit]

In Tantra erotic spanking, this position is called letter "A" position [1] (position # 9).

The lunge position is popular in Korean schools till today: Both as an own punishment (holding the position for a length of time) and as a stance for the receipt of buttock chastisement [2].


If the spankee is small and lightweight (e.g. a child) the spanker can optionally hold him by the waistband of his shorts or trousers. This improves the stability and makes it easier for the spankee to keep in position. This position seems to have been particularly popular around 1900, as it is taken in a number of M/m spanking photos (especially stereographs) of that era.

Another variant is the push-up position.

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