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A double loopy cane made of kooboo rattan wrapped in rubber.

A looped whip is a whip made of (round) leather, polyethylene, rattan, rubber, or similar materials. This material is shaped to a loop and attached to a handle. In the case of rattan, it is known as a loopy cane. This implement is similar to a doubled-up belt, which is also in a loop. Also, the tip of many riding crops is a small piece of leather in the shape of a loop.

Example: Loopy Johnny[edit]

Zoey clenches during loopy time.

The Loopy Johnny is a lightweight spanking implement that consists of three black neoprene rubber open loops set in a plain wrapped handle. It is an example of a of looped whip, and is the creation of Adam and Gillian's Sensual Whips and Toys. They also call it a "rubber cat", although it doesn't have much resemblance to a cat o' nine tails.

This light and quiet implement is suitable for a discrete spanking, if the spankee can manage to keep quiet. Its sting is surprisingly severe. It leaves typical "loopy" marks on the flesh.