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Bound wrists

Light kinky play, for lack of a better term, refers to erotic play between lovers that is kinky, but in a very light way only. Such play is popular among vanilla people to enjoy a glimpse of erotic fetishism and power exchange. If the partners find such play is "not their thing", they can easily go back to vanilla sex without losing face. If they find it pleasant, they can stay there or can gradually venture deeper into the realm of BDSM in whichever directions they like.


Erotic massage
A massage is a popular way to experience being the giver, and recipient, of pleasant sensation, i.e. the basic separation into an active and a passive role.
Standing, one partner can pin the other against a wall, making them feel overpowered and captive in an erotic fashion. Or in bed, the partner on top moves the other partner's hands up above their head and takes them in one of his hands, pinning them down. The other hand is free to explore, tease and play with the partner's body.
Lingerie, stockings, garter belts and corsets are among the most fetishized garments, yet no-one will think of them as being overly "kinky'.
Light bondage
For example, a rope made from paper towel can be used to tie the wrists together. The fact that the paper rope will break when pulled hard is reassuring for people who've never done any bondage play, and the erotic feeling of being tied up, and tying up the partner, is there just the same. Of course the wrists or ankles can also be tied to the bed frame with such rope.
Dirty talking
For many people, it is a turn-on to be called "naughty" or "bitch" or similar during sex.
Hair pulling
Many people love to have their hair pulled during sex.
Biting, scratching, pinching
Biting, scratching, and pinching are popular erotic stimulations that involve a little, but not too much, pain.
Light spanking
Playful spanking can be done in bed in a variety of positions, e.g. OTK, tucked under the arm, waist between legs, on all fours or diaper position. Some sex positions also facilitate spanking while intercourse takes place, e.g. the cowgirl and the reverse cowgirl position.
Sex toys
Sex toys such as vibrators, dildos, anal beads, butt plugs can be used for erotic stimulation — all of these have a kinky touch to them and can be used on the partner, if desired, in a gentle power exchange fashion.