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Title page of Volume VI, Sublime of Flagellation.

Library Illustrative of Social Progress is a book series on erotic flagellation (spanking erotica) in seven volumes.

The volumes were allegedly assembled by the English historian Henry Thomas Buckle (1821-1862) and were printed in 1872 by Hotten, London. The originals are said to date from 1761-1777. Their authors are for the most part unknown.


  • Volume I & II: Exhibition of Female Flagellants
  • Volume III: Lady Bumtickler's Revels (a self-declared comic opera in two acts on the flagellatory inclinations of aristocratic women)
  • Volume IV: The Use of Flogging in Venereal Affairs
  • Volume V: Madame Birchini's Dance (a collection of verse and short prose pieces depicting female birching)
  • Volume VI: Sublime of Flagellation (only in 9th edition onwards; see also Miss Termagant Flaybum)
  • Volume VII: Fashionable Lectures (only in 4th edition onwards)

Volumes 1-6 are available online and can be read or downloaded for free.

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