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Woman wearing a white garter belt, panties and stockings with lots of lace.

Lace is a fabric patterned with open holes in the work. It is popular for its decorative value and elegant see-though effect, for example in tablecloths and curtains, but also in clothing, especially women's clothing.

Lace is commonly found in adult lingerie, nightwear, bridal dresses and fetish clothing. It is rarely used in children's clothing because it is delicate and can tear easily.

There are many different types of lace and techniques for lace-making. Lace goes back to Antiquity, but did not find widespread use until the 16th century, when it spread over Europe. It got very popular in the Renaissance and is still very popular in modernity, though it often comes with "classic", "old-fashioned, and "vintage" connotations nowadays.

Due to its feminine appearance, lace is also very popular in male cross-dressing.


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