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Formed in December 2012, LSF Publications, operated by Februs and flopsybunny, is a publisher of e-books featuring spanking stories, including individual books, box sets, omnibus editions, collections and series. E-books are currently sold on the LSF Publications site in epub, mobi and pdf format as well as on Amazon for Kindle.

With over 800 publications featuring over 4,500 different stories, LSF Publications features works by over 200 spanking fiction authors Lucy Appleby (flopsybunny), John Benson, DJ Black, Grace Brackenridge, Katie Bradford (Katie B.), Arthur James (Arthur James Blimp), Carlton Kristain (Crimson Kid), Frank Limadere (SeeGee), Mike London (Mike from London), Rick Marlowe, Frank Martinet (Flogmaster), Stanlegh Meresith (TheEnglishMaster), Paris Annette Morreau, Quentin Quillis (Quillis), SarAdora, Guy Spencer and a great many more.

The abbreviation "LSF" probably stands for the Library of Spanking Fiction, a free online archive of spanking stories built and run by the same people.

Spanking journals by LSF Publications[edit]

LSF Publications also publish the following spanking fiction/non-fiction journals, issued on a monthly and bi-monthly schedule respectively: