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Man wearing a kilt of the Clan Murray of Atholl.

A kilt is a garment, typically made of tartan, that originates in Scotland. The kilt is a garment normally for males, similar to the female skirt.

Kilts are common parts of many uniforms. The Scottish kilt is knee-length and can be pleated with either box or knife pleats. Attention is paid to make the pleats in depth and width to match the pattern of the tartan in specific ways.

"True Scotsman" is a humorous term used in Scotland for a man wearing a kilt without undergarments, as is the traditional way.

Kilts for girls and pleated tartan skirts[edit]

There are also kilts worn by females as well as pleated tartan skirts for girls and women which look similar to kilts. Both variants are found as parts of school uniforms for girls. They have also become popular fashion garments in the 1990s and 2000s, notably in certain subcultures including the Punk, Goth, Fetish, BDSM and Spanking subculture. They can be knee-length or shorter.

A kilt is never called a type of skirt, however some forms of skirt may be called kilts. There are two approaches to making the distinction between kilts and pleated tartan skirts. The first is a convention of language: the kilt is traditionally a male garment whereas a skirt is, by definition, a female garment; society accepts females in male clothing much more readily than the other way round. The other approach is technical: a kilt can be said to differ from a skirt in that it is wrapped around the body and fastened. So tartan skirts for girls which are made in a wrap-around design can be called kilts due to this similarity, whereas if they are not wrapped they are called skirts.

Scottish kilts are fastened with straps and buckles on both ends. The strap on the inside end usually passing through a slit in the waistband to be buckled on the outside; alternatively it may remain inside the waistband and be buckled inside.

Kilts in spanking[edit]

Schoolgirl kilts are common in spanking scenes where the spankee wears this garment as a school uniform. Like short pleated skirts, kilts can be easily flipped up by the spanker when the spankee is positioned over their knees to expose the wearer's buttocks for the spanking.

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