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A few examples of kemonomimi


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A spanked mouseboy. Artwork by Sakura.

Kemonomimi (Japanese 獣耳 (けものみみ) animal ears) is an anime and manga terminology describing humanoid characters that possess animal-like features. Unlike kemono characters who appear primarily animal-like, kemonomimi characters typically appear human except for added animal-like qualities, such as an added tail and ears. Often, these animal-like characteristics are part of the character's attire and can be removed at will.

The difference between kemonomimi and furry characters is that kemonomimi look mostly (cartoonish) human, with normal human faces, bodies and skin, whereas furry characters are furry all over their bodies, with faces that are half-animal and half-humanoid.

Common types of kemonomimi[edit]

Kemonomimi are often referred to by their Japanese animal name follow by mimi (Japanese 耳(みみ) ears) or jin (Japanese 人(じん) person). Examples:

  • Nekomimi/Nekojin (cat-person, catgirl or catboy) — see also cat play
  • Inumimi/Inujin (dog-person, doggirl or dogboy) — see also dog play
  • Usagimimi/Usagijin (rabbit-person, bunnygirl, bunnyboy) — see also bunny costume
  • Kitsunemimi/Kitsunejin (fox-person, foxgirl or foxboy)
  • Ookamimimi/Ookamijin (wolf-person, wolfgirl or wolfboy)
  • Nezumimi/Nezujin(?) (mouse-person, mousegirl or mouseboy)

Kemonomimi and spanking[edit]


Externally hosted image on Boyz Being Boyz  Warning: 18+

In ecchi or hentai anime and manga kemonomimi often fill the role of a combination of pet and servant. If looked on as a pet, then domestic spanking flavor scenes are possible, but as a servant the flavor is more of Master/slave.

Spanking artists who often draw kemonomimi characters include Okamiseinen and smallmew.

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