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Kemono (ケモノ) is a genre of Japanese art and character design that prominently features anthropomorphic animal characters. It is used widely in visual arts, especially drawing and painting, and can be found in manga, anime, and video game works.

The term kemono, referring to characters, closely corresponds to the term furry in modern English. Most kemono characters retain a fundamentally human personality, seldom behaving as the actual animals from which they have been anthropomorphized; as such, kemono are typically depicted living as humans do.

In modern Japan, the word kemono is also used to refer to a subculture comparable to, and overlapping, that of the western furry fandom.

Erotic/sexual kemono art[edit]

Kemono characters are featured in the same basic genres as human characters, including heterosexual and homosexual (yaoi and yuri) relationships. Professional art, fan art, manga, anime and doujinshi range from romance to explicit sexuality.

Juvenile kemono characters are found in female and male form:

Kemono vs. kemonomimi[edit]

Kemonomimi (animal ears) refers to characters that, unlike kemono, appear completely human except for minor physical details, such as animal ears or a tail.

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