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Kane is a British spanking company that published a long-running spanking magazine, produced over 80 spanking videos and organised spanking parties. It was founded in 1982 by George Harrison Marks, who ran the enterprise from his home in South Tottenham, London, until his death in 1997, when his daughter Josie Harrison-Marks took over. Kane ceased to release new content in 2011, but its products remain available via its website.

Kane Magazine[edit]

Kane is a British spanking magazine published between 1982 and 2011. There were 107 issues numbered in simple sequence, plus two Readers' Letters Specials and a collection of drawings by Anthony entitled Games People Play. The original subtitle, ‘The CP Journal of Fantasy, Fact and Fiction for Adults’, was soon changed to ‘The Ultimate in CP Journalism for Adult Enthusiasts’. Each issue comprised 64 or 56 pages, 8 of them printed in colour. The price rose from an initial £3 to £10.

The first 69 issues of Kane (1982-97) were edited by George Harrison Marks, a softcore pornographer of long experience who had previously edited Derriere and Janus in 1981-82. He took most of the photographs that appeared in the magazine, the spelling of whose title showed continuity with his first ‘girlie’ publication Kamera (1957-68). Josie Harrison-Marks edited the last 38 issues (1997-2011) with assistance from Cliff James.

Kane printed short stories, photographs, drawings, interviews, and opinion pieces on the subject of spanking. Unsurprisingly, its style at first very closely resembled that of Janus during the immediately preceding years, since Marks employed several of the same contributors, such as Mark Howarth, Dorothy Davies, and Linda O’Brien. Before long, however, the rival titles diverged and Kane developed a character of its own. It never matched the polished professionalism of second-series Janus but maintained a tone of friendly informality that acknowledged more openly the sexual element in spanking fetishism. While the emphasis was squarely on M/F and F/F punishments, Kane continued to include a small amount of F/M material, often in the context of switching, long after Janus had dropped this theme entirely.

To a degree unique in the British market for spanking erotica, Kane integrated publishing with video production. Most of its photo-stories derived directly from film shoots. They were candid photography, lacking the carefully judged angles and lighting that typified the photographic best of Janus and Blushes but gaining a different sort of appeal from the obvious realism of the physical action. ‘Kane never features posed photographs’ was a claim often repeated. On the other hand, unlike Roué and Blushes, Kane made little attempt to foster any illusion that the situations depicted in its photo-stories were real. The spankees might be dressed as nurses, policewomen, schoolgirls or nuns, but they were very clearly models engaging in role-play for the entertainment of fetishists. There was an acknowledged element of theatre in Kane. Models were usually named and popular ones re-appeared in a variety of roles. They include Vicki Scott, Anne Proto, Jay Sweet, Kathleen Astley, Liz Leather, Sue Ellis, Vida Garman, Suzi Martell, Teresa May, Sara Benachour, Lorraine Ansell, Samantha Johnson, Kara-Jayne Dempsey, and Lesley Saye.

At a time when other spanking magazines were secretive to the point of mysteriousness, Marks was extraordinarily open about his role, naming himself as editor and publisher, appearing as a spanker in photographs, using his own home as a venue for shoots, and conducting all correspondence from it, even inviting customers to call in person at 23 Wellington Avenue, a Victorian terraced house in north London. His daughter did not significantly depart from this approach.

Kane often liked to blur the line between fact and fiction with self-referential stories about producing spanking magazines and videos. In these, the firm is staffed by models who frequently submit to workplace spankings from their boss and his or her friends. A number of male spankers grew familiar from recurrent appearances, acquiring fixed fictional personae; ‘Sir Larry Greythorpe’ (Larry Barnes), his butler ‘Maltravers’ (Mark Howarth), and ‘Oscar Droitch’ are prime examples. Several models contributed (or lent their names to) regular columns that struck a personal note in describing their spanking adventures: ‘Just Jennie’, ‘Audrey’s Diary’, and ‘Here’s Larry’. Linda O’Brien for many years responded to readers’ letters, many of which sounded genuine, despite their being interspersed with disguised short stories. Kane carried contact advertisements long before other titles did.

Illustrations were commissioned from a variety of artists, including Leroy Phipps, David Antony Crouch, John Paul Ballard, and Dave Carney, who drew the cartoon strips ‘The Adventures of Citizen Kane’ and ‘Melody Kane’. Jake Kavanagh sketched cartoons for the regular ‘Jest a Minute’ feature. Sarah Veitch and Andrew Grantham were prominent authors in later editions, which also carried more book reviews, model interviews, and advertisements for premium-rate telephone chat-lines. A website set up in 2000 offered complete photo-sets to paying subscribers.

Among British spanking magazines, Kane was second only to Janus in longevity and influence. It fostered the idea that spanking was not an interest that had always to be kept secret and gave the impression – still novel in the 1980s – that there existed a community of enthusiasts, male and female, who regularly met to enjoy it. In this way, it contributed to the emergence of a spanking scene in Britain.

Kane Videos[edit]

Harrison Marks was also a prolific producer of spanking videos under the Kane brand. Most of the photo-sets published in Kane were actually stills from his latest films, and it increasingly seemed as though the primary commercial rationale of the magazine was to advertise the videos, priced at £40 to £75 each.

Kane videos were only just getting under way when the Video Recordings Act 1984 effectively banned the sale of spanking videos in Britain. Films were still made in the country, ostensibly for overseas markets, but all the other British spanking magazines ceased to advertise them and domestic distribution went underground. Remarkably, Kane simply re-branded its video division as Kane International and carried on as before, openly selling its products by mail order, apparently without attracting the attention of the police. Consequently, for at least the next decade, Kane enjoyed a dominant position in the British market for spanking videos.

Up until 1997, the videos were directed by Marks himself, usually working with cameraman Peter Fairbrass. Most of them are 45-60 minutes in length and they typically take a fairly light-hearted approach to spanking. Some are outright comedies, reflecting Marks’s early unsuccessful career in vaudeville; loose storylines tend to peter out in a general melée of spanking. The content is usually M/F or F/F, but some titles also include F/M punishments. Marks often liked to include female nudity for its own sake along with softcore lesbian sex scenes. His distinctive output is of noticeably uneven quality. At their best, Kane videos are attractively playful and erotic, at their worst silly and slapdash.

Josie Harrison Marks continued video production into the new century. From 2002, the new videos publicized in Kane were punningly branded Top Marks. The final issues of the magazine also featured videos from other producers, including Northern Spanking, Sam's Diaries, and Strictly English.

List of released movies[edit]

A number in brackets preceded by a K at the end of an entry indicates the issue of Kane in which the film is illustrated and promoted.

  • The Cane and Mr Abel (1983), with Linzi Drew and Callie Ryan
  • The Game, with Vicki Scott (K 12)
    • also known as Bottoms Up!
  • Gone to Pot (K 17)
  • Sugar Cane Jane, with Audrey (K 21)
  • Marigold’s Academy, with Jay Sweet (K 23)
  • The Ultimate Chastisement of Mandy Bait (1986), with Sue Ellis (K 29)
    • The first Kane International release
  • Problem Girls, with Anne Proto (K 30)
  • Kane Kandid Kamera, with Kathleen Astley, Jay Sweet, Benji, and Jenny (K 31)
  • Girls in Trouble, with Sue Ellis and Kathleen Astley (K 32)
  • Girl Trouble, with Sue Ellis (K 32)
  • The Punishment Man, with Jay Sweet, Kim Scott and Larry Barnes (K 33)
  • The Audition, with Anne Proto (K 34)
  • Errant Daughter, with Sue Ellis (K 35)
  • Maid for Tears, with Larry Barnes (K 36)
  • The Maid Upstairs, with Larry Barnes and Judy (K 36)
    • sequel to Maid for Tears
  • The Caning Club, with Jennie, Sue Ellis, Larry Barnes, and Harrison Marks (K 37)
  • When the Cat’s Away, with Liz Leather (K 38)
  • Troublesome Daughters (K 39)
  • Country Cousins, with Liz Leather and Harrison Marks (K 40)
  • I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry
  • Room at the Bottom (K 43)
  • A Damn Good Thrashing (K 44)
  • Sticky Fingers, with Sara Benachour and Sally (K 45)
  • Bad Girls Don’t Cry, with Sharon, Leigh, Samantha Kirli, and Oscar Droitch (K 46)
  • Punk (K 47)
  • The Kane Assignment (1989), with Paula Meadows and Anne Proto (K 48)
  • Trouble with a Female Offspring
  • Six Days a Week, with Sue Ellis (K 49)
  • Five of the Best (1989)
  • The Caning of the Shrews, with Luna Winter and Minnie Champ (K 54)
  • School for Schoolgirls, with Amber Scott, Alison Payne and Larry Barnes
  • US title: Schoolgirl Fannies on Fire
  • Hotel Derriere, with Suzi Martell, Tracey Gibb and Sara Benachour (K 57)
  • Schoolgirls and Daughters (K 58)
  • Maidens in Uniform, with Amber Scott and Sonja van Kemenade (K 59)
  • Just Deserts
    • Harrison Marks spanks the female staff of Kane magazine.
  • The Flesh and the Fantasies, with Minnie Champ and Karen Davis
  • Triple Trouble, with Suzi Martell
  • Three Cases to Answer For, with Liz Leather
  • Spanker's Paradise, Part One (1992), partial sequel to Hotel Derriere, Vida Garman as Mistress Kane, Linzi Drew, Lorna, Oscar Droitch, George Harrison-Marks directs and performs (video clip)
  • The Rules of the Game, aka Spanker's Paradise, Part Two (1992), George Harrison-Marks directs and punishes hotel owner Vida Garman.
  • The Academy of Dr Marcus Blunt (1992), with Alison Payne and Samantha Kirli (K 59)
  • A Sting in the Tail (1992), with Teresa May and Sara Benachour (K 60)
    • US title: Stinging Tails
  • The Games People Play, with Teresa May (K 61)
  • Rawhide in Rotherhithe (1993), with Liz Leather (K 63)
  • The Beak, the Mistress, and the Schoolgirls (1994), with Sue Ellis, Sam Johnson, and Brandi (K 63)
    • US title: Naughty Schoolgirls’ Revenge
  • Naughty Habits, with Larry Barnes (K 67)
    • US title: Nasty Habits
  • The Master, Mistress, Maid & her Lover, with Lorraine Ansell
  • Things that Go Bump in the Night
  • Noisy Neighbours, with Sandra Lester
  • Royal Romp
  • Stripe Me Pink, with Larry Barnes
  • Spanking to Declare, with Julie Webster and Rhonda (K 67)
  • Uncle Silas’ Bequests (1997), with Sue Ellis and Lorraine Ansell (K 69 & 70)
  • Lottery Losers (1997), with Kelly and Micki (K 70)
  • Three Girls in Trouble (1997), with Clarissa Armstrong, Luna Winter, & Barbie Mel (K 70)
  • Get Your Pants Off Now, with Lauren and Micki (K 71)
  • You Naughty Girls (K 71)
  • A Fancy Dressing Down (K 72)
  • Discipline in the Office, with Brandi and Dolores Freeman (K 73)
  • Errant Wives and Secretaries, with Lorraine Ansell, Sandra Lester, and Brandi (K 74)
  • George’s Gullible Girls, with Kelly Hearn, Lorraine Ansell, and Sue Ellis (K 75)
  • US title: Whipped to Perfection
  • Squatters’ Rights, with Lorraine Ansell, Zoe Rose and Barbara Carlisle (K 77)
  • A Trilogy of Domestic Discipline, with Sam Johnson, Kay, and Lesley Saye
  • Maid for Pleasure (2000), with Lesley Saye (K 82)
  • A Fare Deal (2000), with Sara Benachour (K 82)
  • A Punishing View (2000), with Brandi (K 82)
    • marketed with A Fare Deal as Two Punishing Tales
  • Three Naughty Skoolgirls (2000), with Lesley Saye, Brandi, and Lorraine Ansell (K 84)
  • Gone to Pot Too (2001), with Kara Jayne Dempsey, Louise, Margaret and Tony (K 86)
  • A Day of Domestic and Office Discipline (2001), with Sam Johnson, Sara Benachour, Fern, Josie Harrison-Marks, and Tony (K 87)
  • Mistress Samantha’s Corrective Measures for Errant Males (2002), with Sam Johnson (K89)
    • The first Top Marks release
  • Problem Girls 2003 (2003), with Rachel, Therese, and Monica
  • Red Hot Punishment on a Red Hot Afternoon (2003), with Sarah Harvey Lewis and Stephanie (K 93)
    • US title: Hot English Punishment
  • The Headmaster’s Study (2003), with Brandi, Therese, Dublin O’Brien, and Jojo (K93)
  • The Headmaster, the Policewoman, and the Skoolgirlz (2003), with Sam Johnson, Lucy McLean and Monica (K 93)
  • Teresa May’s Punishment Party (2003), with Teresa May, Sam Johnson, Rachel Lloyd, and Morgan Taylor (K 94)
  • Miss Morgan and the Office Juniors (2003), with Morgan Taylor, Elizabeth Simpson, and Brigella (K 94)

Kane Audio Tapes[edit]

In 1984, Kane produced three spanking audio cassettes, priced at £8 each. They were written and performed by Mark Howarth and Audrey, both regular contributors to the magazine. Each tape-side lasted approximately 27 minutes. The titles were:

  • 1. Play for Today & Maid Mastered
  • 2. A Touch of Blackmail & Married Bliss and Rabbits
  • 3. Maid for Trouble & Audrey’s Aberration

A feature in Kane 17 acknowledged that sound cassettes had been overshadowed by video, but pointed out that many people had tape-players, either portable or in their cars. ‘Our aim is to bring quality back to the spanking cassette,’ said Howarth. ‘So often spanking cassettes have been cheap rip-offs, a few minutes of badly simulated action on tapes of an appalling quality’. The spankings in Kane tapes were guaranteed to be authentic, but the envisaged series did not take off.

Kane Live Events[edit]

In 1989, Kane 48 announced the formation of the Kane Private Membership Club ‘so that accepted members may enjoy facilities and the like which we would not normally advertise’. These were the Kane Live Events, a series of spanking entertainments held once or twice a year at a London nightclub during the afternoon.

Each Kane Live Event was a cabaret consisting of around half a dozen light-hearted semi-improvised sketches, some of them simply re-enacting scenes from Kane videos. Making little or no attempt at realism or dramatic tension, the playlets typically presented spanking as saucy fun; any non-spankophiles in the audience would probably have found them silly. The performers, billed as ‘the Kane Girls’, were well-known British spanking actors, but there was never much evidence of rehearsal. The spankees typically appeared in costume as schoolgirls, secretaries, maids or nurses. Club members enjoyed watching six or seven of their favourite models getting spanked, tawsed and caned directly before their eyes, and, in ad lib roles, the performers revealed something of their own personalities and apparently genuine enthusiasm for spanking. No scenery was used, but a pianist provided short musical interludes. Most of the shows were compèred by Larry Barnes, whose stage experience (originally as a magician and escapologist) brought a touch of professional polish to proceedings.

Photographs of the Live Events frequently appeared in Kane magazine. The shows were also filmed, roughly edited, and released for sale on video. Each afternoon usually provided enough material for two hour-long tapes, priced at £45 each. Members of the audience were never shown on screen but they were heard laughing and applauding. Titles include:

  • Bringing a Blush to the Cheeks & Rosey Red and Cheeky (1991)
  • Derrière Dynamite (1991)
  • An Afternoon’s Bash & An Evening’s Thrash
  • Hot Cross Bum!
    • Cast includes Liz Leather, Sue Ellis, Julie Webster, Sara Benachour, Rhonda, and Larry Barnes.
  • Intimate Interventions
  • Slap, Crackle, and Hop
  • An October Afternoon & A Painful Event (1998)
    • Cast includes Brandi, Rhonda, Stacey Rowe, Lorraine Ansell, Clarissa Armstrong, and Larry Barnes (K 76).
    • US titles: Hot Live Caning 1 & Hot Live Caning 2
  • A Spanking in the Spring & Six Sore Sit-upons (1999)
    • Cast includes Zoe Rose, Brandi, Clarissa Armstong, Sandra Lester, Lesley Saye, and Sue Ellis (K 78).
  • A Whacking in a Winter Wonderland & Six Burning Bottoms (2000)
  • Wicked Whippings & A Live Caning Cabaret (2000)
    • Cast includes Lesley Saye, Sara Benachour, Sam Johnson, Brandi, Sue Ellis, and Kara Jayne Dempsey (K 83)
  • Bare Bottomed, Caned & Shamed & Spanked in Front of a Live Audience (2001)
  • An Afternoon of Live Traditional English Discipline, Parts 1 & 2 (2001)

The last Kane Live Event in this format took place in October 2001. Thereafter the Kane Private Members Club held ‘hands on’ spanking parties, where members could participate directly in spanking the Kane Girls. The first such party in December 2001 featured Kara Jayne Dempsey, Sam Johnson, Sarah Harvey Lewis, Lesley Saye, Brandi, Sara Benachour, Suzi Jarman, and Elizabeth Simpson. Kane then arranged five or six spanking parties per year, tickets costing £150 each.

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