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A modern Jokari set

A Jokari paddle is a sports equipment used in a French variation of swingball called Jokari, invented in 1938. The game consists of a ball tethered to a block placed on the ground with a long elastic band, which makes the ball come back when you hit it, and two broad wooden paddle-like racquets.

These racquets, similar to those in the games of battledore and paddleball, can be used as "pervertible" spanking implements.

Usage in the F/M spanking scene[edit]

The Jokari paddle became a favorite toy in the F/M spanking scene. Female tops and pro Dommes like the Jokari paddles for a myriad of reasons. It is very sturdy and the wood is very smooth. The handle has a rubber grip and there is a string that is looped through the end of the handle which the female can place around her wrist when holding the paddle, enabling even better control when she is administering a paddling. It is also quite effective. Men who have been spanked by the Jokari paddle have said that it reduced them to tears very quickly. Pro-dommes have also commented on how they like the way it covers such a large portion of the male posterior at once.

Spanking videos[edit]

Jokari paddling from amateur video Final Exam.
A Jokari spanking paddle.
  • Angel Spanks Jason (amateur F/M)

In spanking literature[edit]

The Jokari paddle is also featured in the German spanking novel Der Flokati: Das Nackedasein, set in the 1970s.

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