Jeux de Dames Cruelles

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Cover with a photo by Ostra Studio, c. 1925

Jeux de Dames Cruelles 1850-1960 is a book by Serge Nazarieff, published by Taschen Verlag in 1988 (ISBN 9783822893531, ISBN 9783892680536). It features vintage erotic spanking photos of females punishing females.

It has a preface in three languages, French, German, and English. The main portion of the 160-page book, printed in 30 cm × 22 cm (12″ × 8.7″) size with paperback binding, is devoted to reproductions of photos.


The collection is all femdom/femsubF/F scenes with one or two examples of F/f. The spankees are nearly always bare bottomed, rarely fully naked. Many photos are in series, and there are also some stereoviews. Most images are anonymous. Some are from known photo studios such as Ostra Studio, Biederer Studio, and Irving Klaw, among others.

The source material was kindly shared by the collectors Alexandre Dupouy and Gérard de Reinach-Cessac.