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Japan, officially known as Nippon-koku or Nihon-koku (Japanese: 日本国; literally: the State of Japan) in Japanese, is a country in East Asia made of up 6,852 islands. The country's name literally means "Origin of the Sun", which is why it is often called the "Land of the Rising Sun". It has a population of about 127 million, making it the tenth most populous country in the world. It has no official language, but the national language is Japanese. Its capital and largest city is Tokyo.


Japan was traditionally ruled by successive feudal military dictatorships (shogunates) and was isolated from the rest of the world until 1853, when an American fleet pressured it to open its doors. The Empire of Japan was proclaimed in 1868, and Japan built up its influence as a superpower in Asia through increasing militarism and winning battles against Russia and China.

Japan fought in World War II (1939-1945) on the Axis side, an alliance with Nazi Germany and Italy, until the atomic bombings of two Japanese cities by American forces in 1945 forced it to surrender and end the war.

Japan is now a highly developed country and has the third largest economy in the world. It also has very high standards of healthcare. It is ruled by a constitutional monarchy, with the Emperor Akihito as the head of state and the Prime Minister as the head of government.

Corporal punishment in Japan[edit]

Corporal punishment scene in Japan where a prisoner is tied up and hit with a bamboo stick.

Not much is known about the historic use of corporal punishment in Japan, e.g. as a punishment for crimes, for prisoners, in the military, in religious institutions or in schools. A kind of bamboo stick seems to have been used in some cases to beat a tied-up delinquent, as exemplified in the image to the right. Nudity seems to have been avoided.

Spanking in Japan[edit]

Japanese maid cafe worker in cosplay uniform.


Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #5
Matron spanking child by Gauis Marius (2007).

Trailer for The Torture Club (2014).
Japanese model in fetishistic sailor suit school uniform.

Spanking, as a parenting tool, does not have a long and extensive history in Japanese culture as compared to other countries. However, the subject of spanking has fascinated and inspired Japanese artists since the early 20th century as Japan started opening its doors to the rest of the world.

A yaoi paddle is an implement adapted from a boating paddle used by anime fans to spank each other at animation conventions. The word "yaoi" is derived from the first syllables of each word in the expression, "yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi," which means "no peak, no point, no meaning," and originally referred to badly drawn self-published fan comics (doujinshi). Later, it came to be used for doujinshi with sexual pairings between two males.

Japanese spanking art[edit]

Since the 1980s and 1990s, Japan has a great influence on the worldwide genre of spanking art. Its most obvious influence is the Japanese comic and cartoon drawing style, manga, and its stop-motion pendant, anime.

Manga-style drawing has developed into a giant phenomenon that turned thousands of manga fans into active artists: this 'amateur' art is known as fan-art (if characters of commercial series are featured) or doujinshi.

See spanking in manga and spanking in anime for mainstream works, and spanking manga and spanking anime for non-mainstream works.

A new kind of Web application for digital online drawing, which is also highly popular in Japan, oekakis, has led to a number of spanking oekakis.

Japanese spanking artists include Akanamazu, Cross Chan, Frank, Kitora, Erika Kyoukousha, Mame, Mr. Sand, Shijou Aya and Taira Kibato.

Spanking video producers[edit]

The most prominent companies making adult spanking fetish videos in Japan are listed below. The most popular fantasy scenarios involve all-female stories with French maids and uniformed schoolgirls being disciplined in the classroom and at home.

Sexploitation films[edit]

Much like the French New Wave of the early '60s – inspired by American film noire crime dramas – Japan embraced a new genre of gritty contemporary gangster films known as yakuza-eiga. Yakuza features were invariably brutal and bloody, providing audiences with a socially acceptable channel for their hostility and aggression – much of it directed toward society itself. Scores of these low-budget films were churned out by small independent studios.

Following the ground-breaking Gate of Flesh (1964), in which a nude prostitute is whipped and beaten with a bamboo pole, a new cycle of increasingly daring sexploitation films began in Japan. These so-called "pink films" (aka pinku eiga or pinky violence) went on to dominate domestic theaters from the mid-1960s through the mid-1980s. At first, these were essentially yakuza crime dramas with a high content of sex and sadism. The selling point of these films were lurid scenes of abduction, bondage, whipping, spanking, torture, and sexual assault.

By the 1970s pink films had expanded to include graphic horror and serial killer stories as well as softcore pornographic features (called roman porno or romance pornography), often with an S&M theme. Two of the better-known porn/S&M films are Wife to be Sacrificed and Flower and Snake (both 1974).

Starting with Female Convict #701: Scorpion (1972), the Women in prison film genre, popular in the U.S. and Italy, was also adopted. The industry even produced its own brand of arty nunsploitation films, another Italian import. The perversely erotic School of the Holy Beast (1974), which includes a topless whip fight, torture, and a rose thorn beating, is a genre classic and a critical and commercial success.

While Western sexploitation movies tend to be crude, low-budget productions with little attention paid to story, editing, or character, Japanese genre films are considerably more polished. One of the best examples of the often used abduction story, Star of David: Beauty Hunting aka Beautiful Girl Hunter (1979), exhibits the type of production values, story-driven characters, and complex plotting normally found in mainstream dramas.

Between 1965 and 1975 some 1,600 yakuza and pink films were released in Japan. However, theater attendance has declined about 10 percent per year since 1986 due to the increase of VCR and DVD sales.

Below is a list of contemporary and historical pink films with BDSM elements (bondage, spanking, whipping, etc.):

  • The Embryo Hunts in Secret (1966), directed by Koji Wakamatsu
  • Violated Angels (1967), directed by Koji Wakamatsu
  • Sexy Partners aka Companions of Love and Lustful Companions (1967), directed by Kan Mukai, the first pink film to use S&M as a main theme
  • The Joy of Torture (1968), directed by Teruo Ishii
  • Absolutely Secret: Girl Torture, aka Top Secrets of Women Torture (1968)
  • Inferno of Torture (1969), directed by Teruo Ishii
  • Blind Beast (1969), directed by Yasuzo Masumura
  • Violent Virgin (1969)
  • Girl Boss Guerilla (1972), directed by Norifumi Suzuki
  • Girl Boss Blues: Queen Bee’s Challenge (1972), directed by Norifumi Suzuki
  • Sex and Fury (1973), directed by Norifumi Suzuki (whipping scene)
  • Terrifying Girls’ High School: Lynch Law Classroom (1973), directed by Norifumi Suzuki
  • Flower and Snake (1974), directed by Masaru Konuma
  • Zero Woman: Red Handcuffs (1974), directed by Yukio Noda
  • Wife to Be Sacrificed (1974), directed by Masaru Konuma (video)
  • Slave Wife (1976), whipping scene
  • Beauty's Exotic Dance: Torture (1977), directed by Noboru Tanaka
  • Fairy in a Cage (1977), directed by Koyu Ohara (video clip)
  • Rope Cosmetology (1978), directed by Shogoro Nishimura, human animal roleplay
  • Rope and Skin (1979), directed by Shogoro Nishimura
  • Female Teacher: Rope Hell (1981), directed by Shogoro Nishimura (double whipping scene)
  • Secretary Rope Discipline (1981)
  • Beauty in Rope Hell (1983), video
  • Female Prisoner: Caged (1983), double whipping scene
  • Beautiful Teacher in Torture Hell (1985)
  • S&M Hunter (1986)
  • Snake and Whip (1986), video
  • Flower and Snake: White Uniform Rope Slave (1986)
  • The Blind Cat (1992)

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