Jacques Boileau

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Title page of Historia flagellantium (1700).

Jacques Boileau (1635 - 1716) was a French clergyman and doctor of theology in the Sorbonne. He studied at the College d'Harcourt and was for 25 years vicar-general and legal vicar of the diocese of Sens.

Boileau wrote several unusual books on subjects of discipline of the Church, the best known being:

  • Ad Decretalem super specula de Magistris, 1667
  • De l'abus des nudités de gorge, 1675
  • Historia confessionis auricularis, 1683
  • Historia flagellantium, 1700
  • Panégyriques des Saints, 1719

Many of his writings appeared under pseudonyms such as Ancyranus Marcellus, Claudius Fontétut and Jacques Barnabe.

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