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Omerta disciplines Tanya Foxx (oil painting by Jameslovebirch, 2012).

Jacqueline Omerta (aka Mistress Jacqueline) was a professional dominatrix, therapist, and an actress/writer/director of fetish videos. She is best known as the founder of former Hollywood-based spanking video company Pacific Force (1992-2016).

After working as a high school teacher in Boston, she turned to acting in 1987 as domme Mistress Jacqueline and has been working steadily until her voluntary retirement from the field. She has starred in dozens of F/F and F/M (femdom) videos on bondage, spanking, BDSM, enema humiliation, and tickle-fetish. She has worked for House of Milan, Bizarre Video, B&D Pleasures, Bon-Vue Enterprises, Harmony Concepts, Vid-Tech Films, and Shadow Lane.

Shadow Lane[edit]

Main article: Shadow Lane

In the early nineties she worked for Shadow Lane in the femdom features Beautiful & Strict and The Fem Dom Club. While attending a Shadow Lane party for Spank Hard magazine, she met her future business (and romantic) partner, Vinne (aka Vinnie) Spit (aka Spitliano). Using the alias "Joule Jackson", she made two rare appearances as a well-punished submissive in Enough is Enough and, with Vinne, Double Feature #3. She and Vinne also appear as extras in Heidi & Elke. Vinne went on to play the disciplinarian in Bad Girls Get Spanked, Naughty Mia, and Party Brats and gets punished himself in the femdom title Aunt Stella. A few years later they were married with porn star Ron Jeremy acting as best man.

Pacific Force[edit]

Since I'm a pure spanking person, I understand and deliver pure, traditional spanking sessions with an emphasis on the domestic.
  — From Interview with Jacqueline Omerta
Main article: Pacific Force

In 1992 they formed a partnership and launched Pacific Force, producing traditional F/F, M/F, and F/M spanking videos. The style, content, and high production standards at Pacific Force are very similar to its sister company Shadow Lane. Jacqueline writes, directs, and frequently appears on camera as the hard-hitting disciplinarian. Unlike her earlier films, she no longer plays an S&M dungeon mistress. The stories are based in a domestic, office or school setting with Omerta playing a conservatively dressed authority figure.

Spit also directs, films, edits, composes music for each title, and sometimes performs in M/F scenes.

In 1995 Jacqueline and Vinne performed together in two videos for Bon-Vue Enterprises, Four of a Kind and Full House.

For undisclosed reasons, Pacific Force was dissolved in 2016. All websites related to the organization, as well as Omerta's personal sites, have disappeared. Many video titles and around 200 short clips (none featuring Omerta) marketed under the new name Spanked Soundly can still be found on the Clips4Sale and SpankingLibrary.com websites.

Dominatrix to the stars[edit]

Omerta is also a couples counselor with a Master's degree in clinical psychology. She's active in the fetish community, and, in her spare time, conducts private FemDom sessions as a dominatrix-for-hire. She claims to have engaged in some private sessions with several well-known Hollywood celebrities. And in 1993 she was hired as a consultant to teach Madonna how to behave like a dominant for the erotic thriller Body of Evidence.

In 1991 she published her autobiography, Whips and Kisses (Prometheus Books) which tells about her entrée into the S/M and spanking lifestyle. Around that time she also appeared on many TV talk shows such as Sally Jessy Raphael and The Phil Donahue Show promoting her book and her lifestyle in general.

She also publishes two spanking magazines. Spankasm depicts actual punishment and discipline sessions. Mistress Jacqueline's Power X-Change features interviews with actual dominatrices conducted by Jacqueline and a complete Mistress Directory that includes contact information.

Film list[edit]

Below is a list of Jacqueline Omerta's films (not including Pacific Force).

  • At the Mercy of Mistress Jacqueline (Star Maker Video, 1993) Sharon Mitchell
  • Beautiful & Strict (Shadow Lane) c. 1992
  • Best of Female Domination (series) 1992-1994
  • Bizarre Mistress Series: Mistress Jacqueline (Bizarre Video) 1993
  • Bondage Fantasies 1 (Bizarre Video) 1989  
  • Bondage Fantasies 2 (Bizarre Video) 1989    
  • Bondage Thrills (Star Maker Video) 1987    
  • Disciples of Discipline (Star Maker Video) 1994
  • Dominatrix Supreme 14 (Bizarre Video) 1994
  • Double Feature #3 (Shadow Lane) as "Joule Jackson" 
  • Dresden Mistress (Bizarre Video) 1989    
  • Dresden Mistress 2 (Bizarre Video) 1989    
  • Dresden Mistress 3 (Bizarre Video) 1990    
  • Dungeon Punishment (Star Maker Video) 1995    
  • Enema Bondage (Bizarre Video) 1992    
  • Enema Obedience (Bizarre Video) 1991
  • Enough is Enough (Shadow Lane) as "Joule Jackson"
  • Fantasies of Submission (unknown) 1990
  • The Fem Dom Club (Shadow Lane) 1994
  • Fire and Ice (B&D Pleasures) 1988
  • Four of a Kind (Bon-Vue Enterprises, 1995) - Vinne Spit
  • Full House (Bon-Vue, 1995) - Vinne Spit
  • Gift for The Master (Bizarre Video) 1990
  • Journey Into Servitude: Pleasures of Ultimate Humiliation (Bizarre Video) 1992    
  • Journey Into Submission (Bizarre Video) 1990    
  • Juliette's Birthday Spanking (Harmony Concepts) 1995
  • Leather Lust Mistress (Bizarre Video) 1989    
  • Many Faces of Jacqueline (unknown) 1991
  • Mistress Jacqueline's Dungeon Pets 1 & 2 (Shooting Star Video) 1999    
  • Mistress Jacqueline's Slave School (Bizarre Video) 1992 - Sharon Mitchell  
  • Mistress Jacqueline's Tickle Slave (Vid-Tech Films) 1996
  • Mistresses At War 1 & 2 (Bizarre Video) 1993    
  • Naughty Boys (Redboard Video) 1992
  • Naughty But Spicy (unknown) 1996    
  • Night Temptress (Pure Class) 1990
  • Out Call Punishment (unknown) 1996    
  • Painted (In Hand Video) 1990 - lesbian sex scenes   
  • Power Play (Bruce Seven, 1993, reissued by Evil Angel), Tom Byron
  • Rippin 'n Strippin 1 & 2 (Bon-Vue) 1988        
  • Rites of Passage: Transformation of A Student To A Slave (Bizarre Video) 1992    
  • Sarah-Jane's Discipline Dream (Harmony) 1995    
  • Slave Boy (Vid-Tech Films) 1996
  • Spanke Shoppe 7 (Harmony) 1995    
  • Spell of the Whip (HOM) 1993
  • Strict Affair - Lessons in Discipline and Obedience (Bizarre Video) 1992    
  • Tickling Toes (Vid-Tech Films) 1997    
  • Wake-up Call 1 & 2 (B&D Pleasures) 1987
  • Watersports Spree 1 (Bizarre Video) 1994


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