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Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #144
m/f art, revised by Ron Wilson.

The jackknife position (also spelled jack-knife position) is a spanking position in which the spankee is placed over an object (a suitable item of furniture) such that they lie prone with their torso and legs forming a ╱╲ (roof) with their bottom at the highest point. Depending on the angle and softness of the support it can be considered a special case of the bent-over-object position or a variant of the lying position. The spankee's knees can be either straight or bent. When the 'roof's angle is 90 degrees or less, the knees are better bent, resulting in a ╱╲__ or ╱╲╱ (zig-zag) body position. When it is an obtuse angle, the knees can be either straight or slightly bent. The spankee's legs can be either together or spread apart.

This position can be achieved with a suitable item of home or garden furniture, such as bent over the arm rest of a couch. Another option is lying over an exercise ball or similar rounded upport, or to bend the spankee, more standing than lying, sideways (not lengthwise) over a sawhorse. Serious spankophiles can also build, or have custom-made, a special item of spanking furniture for this position, similar in design to an operating table as descibed below. Such an item might be considered a kind of spanking bench or a variation of a spreadeagle table.

In a more general sense, any pose in which the torso and both thighs form an angle when seen from the side, regardless of orientation, can be called "jackknife", although this term is usually not used for normal sitting.

Jackknife position without furniture[edit]


Externally hosted image on Handprints: George Jackson Churchward #3
Jackknife (bottom highest) in the OTK position: Spanking drawing by George Jackson Churchward.

An alternative that uses no supporting object at all is to bend the spankee over the spanker's thigh(s) with their bottom highest in an over-the-knees or over-one-knee position. This will however put pressure on the spankee's stomach area and can also be uncomfortable for the spanker. A technique to improve this is to put some padding, e.g. a pillow or blanket, over the spanker's lap, or to use the supported OTK position.

Yet another possibility is the bongo position.

In medicine[edit]

In medicine, the jackknife position is used as a surgical position used for surgery on the coccyx, buttocks, or rectum. It is also called Kraske position. An operating table is used that has a break in its middle. The patient is anesthetized, then turned to lie prone with their hips over the middle break. The table is flexed in the middle break. A pillow or a padded donut is placed under the patient's head, and further pillows or blanket rolls can be placed under the chest, hips, arms, knees and ankles. The patient is secured in this position with straps.

A patient in the jackknife (Kraske) position.

In bondage[edit]


Externally hosted image on Boyz Being Boyz  Warning: 18+
Artwork by Comixpank.

In bondage, jackknife can also refer to positions in which a person's wrists are tied to their ankles or lower legs. Such a restrained person can be placed in different orientations, such as lying on their side or on their back with their legs up. Of course, they can also be spanked in such a position.


Further variants[edit]

Variants in which the spankee have no support under them include the lunge position, the knee-chest position, the plow position and the touching-toes position.

A variant in which the spankee is in a kind of jackknife pose, but with their legs up, is the diaper position.

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