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Image from the archived stag film Dressage au Fouet (Ostra Studio, c. 1935).

The Internet Archive (also known by its domain name is a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining an on-line archive of World Wide Web and multimedia resources.

The Wayback Machine[edit]

For many websites, the "Wayback Machine" provides browseable snapshots of archived versions, sorted by date. You can search for archived versions by entering a URL. This archive persists even for websites that are completely gone from the Internet, and thus allows, in a way, to travel back in time.

Images, sub-pages and other content are often but not always archived. So there is an element of luck involved in what you'll find. If you want to preserve an existing web page with all images for future reference, try BackupURL or FreezePage.

Media library[edit]

The Internet Archive's media library contains texts, audio, video, and other sorts of files. The videos include full-length movies. Most files hosted are public domain or under a free license.

Their collection includes vintage spanking films such as these from the Ostra Studio in Paris made in the 1930s:

Other French films from the 1930s and '40s (with hardcore sex scenes edited out) include:

Stag reels and shorts from the 1950s:

Fetish film loops from the 1960s:

Sexploitation trailers and clips from the '60s & '70s (with scenes of corporal punishment):

Full-length movies hosted with notable spanking scenes include:

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