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Interactive art is a form of art that involves the spectator in some way. Many pieces of Internet art and electronic art are highly interactive.

Interactive spanking art[edit]

Interactive spanking art is spanking art in which the viewer has some possibility to interact with the artwork. For example, Spankart has created some experimental interactive spanking art:

  • "Drag'n'Drop OTK Composer" (2002) - an interactive page that allows the user to compose a spanking drawing from existing image parts using the mouse pointer (much like playing with paper dolls). The movable image parts are designed to fit together in any combination, so the user can create F/f, F/m, M/f, or M/m - whichever they like best. In addition, the user can select the implement to be used (hand, hairbrush, paddle, birch) and the degree of undress.
  • "U-Move Animation" (2004) - a colorized drawing which allows the user to pull down the character's pants and briefs using the mouse pointer. As a bonus feature, individual clothing items can be made to disappear completely, and marks can be made to appear on the buttocks.

Interactive art requires the combination of art creation and computer programming. Simple Web-based interactive art can be programmed with JavaScript, for example. Higher quality interactive art is often done with Flash these days. See spanking in Flash games for a list.

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