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Trick spanking machine for Masonic initiation rituals by DeMoulin & Co. (1930).
"Spanker" for fraternity initiation rituals by DeMoulin & Co. (1930).

An initiation rite or initiation ritual is a rite of passage (see also ritual) marking entrance or acceptance into a group or society. A person taking the initiation ceremony in traditional rites is called an initiate. In modern initiations, they are also called a candidate.

To initiate (verb) can mean "to begin, to start", "to introduce", "to confer membership on", or "to do the first act".

Spanking in initiation rites[edit]

Various social groups use, or have used, elements of humiliation and punishment in their initiation rites. These include, among others, the traditions of hazing (in the U.S.), fagging (in the U.K.) and ragging (in India). Another example is fraternity and sorority spanking (mainly in the U.S.).

Initiation rite spankings range from painful to mild and symbolic fun spankings.

Sometimes these rites use special spanking instruments, such as "Greek Paddles" used in U.S. fraternities and sororities, or the Pettibone Spanker, a wooden spanking device that was loaded with a blank cartridge to make a loud bang upon impact. (Similar: the DeMoulin Bros. Spanking Shovel (Spanker), which operated on the slapstick principle, also loaded with a blank cartridge.)

In Germany, there is a spanking initiation rite in flight schools.

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