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An illustrator is an artist, such as a graphic artist or painter, who creates illustrations, i.e. artwork used to illustrate a piece of text such as a story, a novel or an article. Illustrators use a very large array of artistic techniques and media that also often cross over to achieve the desired visual effect.

Usually the text is written first and given to the artist. The illustrator then works based on the text and on any instructions given, such as what (and what not) to draw, in what technique and style, etc. Layout and printing requirements are important as they determine the number, format and size of the illustrations. The printing process will usually also decide whether the illustrations are to be in black and white, in greyscale, or in color.

Spanking illustrators[edit]

Some illustrators, such as Norman Rockwell, made spanking illustrations for mainstream magazines such as The Saturday Evening Post. Other illustrators, such as Louis Malteste, did artwork for non-mainstream erotica such as spanking stories or spanking novels.

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