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Venus Punishing Profane Love, from Lascivie by Agostino Carracci (1557-1602).
From Voyage en Sibérie fait par ordre du Roi en 1761, Abbé Chape d'Auteroche.

The horsed position is a spanking position in which three people are involved: the spanker, the spankee, and a third person that "horses" the spankee.

To enter the position, the third person typically crouches, facing away from the spanker. The spankee then approaches this person from behind, facing the same direction, and reaches his/her hands above the person's shoulders, so that the person can get hold of the spankee's wrists and pull the spankee tightly against the person's back.

The person can then stand up (bent forward for balance), and the spankee will be horsed on the person's back. The person can then either stand free during the spanking, or lean against the edge of a table or desk.

The spankee's legs will be normally off the floor (dangling) when the spankee is horsed as described. They can be kept together or spread apart to either side of the horsing person.


The horsed position was the most common method used in history for the judicial birching of boys under the age of 10 or 11, who were too small to be secured over a standard size birching horse or birching pony. In judicial birchings, after being stripped naked from the waist down, the miscreant would be horsed "piggy back" style on the back of a constable, with his legs straddling wide either side of the constable's back. A second officer would then stand in front, and grab each of the culprit's ankles, pulling him firmly against the horsing constable's back, so that no movement was possible. A third constable would then administer the birching to the boy's bare bottom. In Victorian and Edwardian times (and earlier), boys as young as 7 could be sentenced to judicial birching.

A similar method of birching small boys (and girls) was used in the nurseries of the great country houses in England. However, in those situations, it would normally be a nurse maid (often a servant girl still in her teens) who would horse the child, whilst the more senior governess administered the birch.


The following excerpt from The Old Rectory (Chapter 2, The First Day - The Regime Revealed) narrates the use of this spanking position:

""I will, stand up and unbutton your trousers. Captain.. would you be so good. My dear...?"

These inquiries resulted in Dame Hilda approaching Alfred from behind, swirly lowering Alfred's shorts to his knees and then rebuttoning them while at the same time the young man addressed as "Captain" stood with his back to Alfred, squatted on his haunches with his hands behind him and over his shoulders.

Dame Hilda said "Proceed." and with one well practised movement Alfred's hands were grasped firmly and pulled forward while the captain raised himself up in a stooping position. Thus was Alfred horsed for his punishment - in manner that bigger boys could not be.

Thus suspended he could not wriggle or writhe to avoid the rod and only fruitlessly kick his legs a little bit."


  • The spankee can be required to hold onto the person him/herself, rather than being held by his/her wrists. This frees the horsing person's hands so that he or she can reach back and support the spankee's thighs, so that the spankee's arms need not bear all of the spankee's weight, and the spankee's legs are straddling.

Fetish films[edit]

Nu-West/Leda Productions, a major producer of corporal punishment fetish videos, has created two films that feature the horsed positon. These are: A Night in Marseilles from the 1980s, and the more recent title, Lady Jayne Spanked, Horsed and Caned.