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The Rainbow Flag is a symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) pride.
Lesbians, illustration by Georges Topfer.

Homosexuality is being sexually attracted to or aroused by people of the same gender. Homosexuality can be male-male or female-female. The opposite is heterosexuality (male-female). There also exist other variations, such as bisexuality, which encompasses both, or asexuality, which encompasses none.

A male homosexual is also known as gay, a female homosexual as lesbian.

Homosexual erotica[edit]

Homosexual erotica and pornography comes in two kinds: first, material that is not specifically homosexual, for example, erotic depictions of a male or female model (which are usually attractive to homosexuals of the same gender, but may also be attractive for heterosexuals of the opposite gender); second, material that portrays homosexual erotic attraction and activities.

The first kind will very often appeal to heterosexuals (of the other gender) just as well; the second kind may too: in particular, many heterosexual men find it erotic to watch two sexually attractive lesbians.

Homosexual erotica and porn can depict partners of approximately the same age or of different age. Especially in completely fictitious non-photographic media such as drawings and comics it is popular to show youths; either two minor characters or a minor and an adult.

In manga and anime, male homosexuality is known as Yaoi (or Shōnen-ai) and female homosexuality is known as Yuri (or Shōjo-ai).

Homosexuals, spanking and BDSM[edit]

Male-male couple in soft BDSM play.

Consensual spanking and BDSM is equally found in heterosexual and homosexual partnerships, though perhaps homosexuals are talking about it a bit more openly. The gay BDSM and spanking scene is relatively big and has certain relations to the leather and biking subculture.

There are BDSM and spanking clubs and parties exclusively for homosexuals and ones for all sexual orientations. Purely heterosexual gatherings where homosexuals are explicitly excluded seem to be rare.

Homosexual spanking art[edit]

See gay spanking art and lesbian spanking art.

Interestingly, the pairing in a work of spanking art is hardly an indicator of whether its creator or audience is hetero- or homosexual.

In works with a clear erotic character (which are typically adult-adult ones with a lot of nudity and often fetish clothing, bondage and other BDSM-related things), the pairing may be an indicator of the sexual orientation. But in general it can be difficult or impossible to tell because heterosexuals like same-sex pairings such as M/M, M/m, F/F, F/f too, and homosexuals like opposite-sex pairings such as M/F, M/f, F/M, F/m too.

The reason for this may be that some spankophiles identify themselves with either the spanker or the spankee, in which case the gender of the other partner may or may not correspond to their preferred sexual partner's gender (since spanking, even when it is experienced as erotic, is not a sexual activity as such). Or the person may like to see their preferred sexual partner's gender in either the spanker or the spankee role, in which case, again, the partner's gender may or may not correspond to their own.

To summarize, a person's preferred pairing(s) in spanking art are no indocator of his or her sexual orientation. Likewise, a liking for child spanking art does not at all mean that a person is pedophile. So if a boy or young man finds before, during or after puberty, that he has an erotic interest in M/M or M/m spanking art, it does not mean that he must be gay.

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