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A homeroom is a feature of a school where students have different teachers for different subjects, but still groups students into classes by year group either by age or achievement level; this can be multiple class per year group when the school is large enough. Homeroom provides a coordination point between administration and students. Homeroom might simply subject class that holds a special place class schedule so that if information is given to all teachers in that slot, it will make it to all students without doubling up. Or it can be a special short period typically at the start and/or end of the school day sole for this administration needs. This is typically a feature of secondary school contrasted by primary school where the student typically only have one teacher that has them for most—if not all—subjects, and by tertiary school where students are not grouped but deal with administration needs solely as individuals.

When there are more than one homeroom class per year group the Homeroom teachers are overseen by the year group's Dean, but in smaller schools where there only one homeroom per year group the roles are merged often under the title of homeroom teacher. Such tasks include tracking attendance and discipline issue that transcends an individual subject.

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