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The heel is on the bottom left in this photo.

Heel can refer to:

  • the prominence at the posterior end of the foot.
  • the part of a sock, or other textile footwear, that covers the heel of the foot.
  • the part of a shoe or boot that supports the heel of the foot. Such heels come in many different shapes and heights. Often the word heels is used to refer specifically to high heels, but there are also flat-heeled shoes, such as ballet flats.

There is also a heel of the hand, which is the corresponding part in the anatomy of the hand.

The verb to heel can refer to:

  • fitting or renewing a heel on a shoe, or increasing its size.
  • kicking with the heel.
  • a dog's trained behaviour to follow closely behind its owner. Part of obedience training.
  • a nautical term that describes the leaning of a ship.

Kneeling, sitting on one's heels[edit]

Kneeling with one's buttocks resting (sitting) on one's heels is found in the formal Japanese position seiza.

In spanking[edit]

A slippering in a vintage ad.

In Japanese settings, the seiza position is sometimes used as the position of a spanker.

In slippering, the shoe is usually held by the heel and the sole is used as a kind of paddle.

In BDSM, fetishism and roleplay[edit]

High heels as a fetishistic prop in cross-dressing.

In BDSM and BDSM literature, a similar position to seiza, but usually with knees apart, is used as a slave position, such as the Gorean slave position "Nadu".

The heel of the foot or a shoe has a role in trampling, a type of play in BDSM.

Heeling as in the heeling of a dog is found in doggie training, another type of play in BDSM and roleplay.

High-heeled shoes and boots are often fetishized and are worn both by dominatrices and submissives. High heels are also worn by men in transvestic fetishism and in forced feminization.

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