Head-between-legs position

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Man caning a boy in the head-between-legs position, English school.

The term head-between-legs position describes different spanking positions in which the spankee's head is locked between the spanker's legs. The purpose of this is to restrain the spankee, but also adds to the humiliation of the spankee as it is embarassing to have one's head locked helplessly between another person's legs.

This can be done in the following positions:

The spanker may want to make sure his or her leg pressure is not too high to make it uncomfortable for the spankee's skull and ears, and to make sure he or she does not apply pressure to the spankee's neck where it could do serious harm.

For lightweight spankees such as preteen children, it is also possible for the spanker to take the spankee's head between his legs and then pick up the spankee with one hand by the waistband of his pants or shorts, so that the delinquent is elevated in suspense during his spanking. A 19th century author, narrating his school days, described this method as being used by one of his teachers for canings or switchings.