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Drawing a head - from 3D Figure Drawing Part 3.

The head is the body part that contains the brains, the eyes, nose, ears and mouth. The front of the head (from the forehead to the chin) is called the face. The head is connected to the torso via the neck and the spine.

The head is the body part in which the human senses of sight, sound, smell and taste are located. It is also important for communication via speech and facial expression. People reognize other people usually easily by their facial features, which differ among individuals. It is usually also possible to tell the gender and approximate age of an unknown person by looking at their face.

The top of the human head is covered with hair which, in most people, unlike the hair of other mammals and the unlike the rest of the human body hair, doesn't stop growing at a defined length but has to be regularly cut to the desired length. The top of the head can be clothed with a hat or a cap.

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