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Hans Scheike (1924-2019), was a Swedish graphologist, author, spanking therapist and spanking video producer. In the 1970s and '80s, he published two popular books on graphology: Grafologi and Grafologisk handbok för sökare: Vem är du - vem blir du?. He lived with his two life partners Brita Sylvan and Agneta Ogebratt in Bågengården near Kopparberg.

Spanking therapy[edit]

Interview with Hans Scheike about his spanking therapy (in Swedish).

Starting in the 1960s, Scheike gradually developed an alternative medical treatment called risterapi, which is a form of spanking therapy to help patients overcome feelings of guilt. He also appeared on numerous Swedish television programs that critically examined his methods, including one led by Jan Guillou, where he discussed his methodology.

One female patient described Scheike is an fantastic spanker because of his compassion for the spankee, moderate severity, and knowing exactly when to stop. Scheike always maintained that this form of spanking therapy is not sexual in any way.

Summer camp[edit]

Scheike received media attention in 1988 when he, together with the two women he was living with, opened a summer camp for youths near Ljusnarsberg, Bergslagen. This was called a "sex sect" by the news media. Scheike was convicted of sexual abuse of several female minors and was sentenced to 6 years in prison. His companions Ogebratt and Sylvan received up to 18 months in prison for assault and being accessories. Scheike was released after serving 3 years in prison.

Spanking films[edit]

For several years, Scheike and his two life partners produced a number of spanking videos, where the recurring theme is the use of the birch rod. The footage shows what Scheike called "natural spanking". One news article claims there are 80 videos in all.[1]

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