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Okay, Elizabeth I want you to reach back and spread your cheeks as wide as you can, I am going to strap you with my belt right between your cheeks. This strapping I reserve for bad little girls who do not learn their lesson the first time (...) She spread her legs as wide as she could, griped her cheeks, and spread herself as wide as possible. (...) I started the strapping on the inside of the right cheek, where it was still white. I quickly punished the left side. "DO not let go of those cheeks Elizabeth." I continued with 4 on one side then 4 on the other. I then aimed for the exact middle, right down the groove 5 times. By this time my little girl was crying uncontrollably.
  — tom6432, from Four Words Ch. 03

A groove strap is a thin strip of leather—or sometimes rubber—used as a spanking implement primarily in the adult spanko/BDSM/fetish community, and found in erotic literature. It is thin and thus resembles a single-tail whip, but is intended to land lengthwise like other straps, as opposed to flicking. It maintains the flexibility of straps but delivers a sting similar to stick-like implements, as opposed the the thud of other straps.

Some authors describe groove straps that resemble (or are made from) a sewing machine belt, or a car's fan belt, attached to a wooden handle.


While groove straps can be used on any body part, their name derives from the fact they are narrow enough to spank the inside of the gluteal cleft (the "groove" between the nether cheeks), and can be used for anal spanking. Less commonly, groove straps can also be used in the cleft of Venus (between the labia) or in the intermammary cleft (between the breasts). Their design for such intimate punishments is why groove straps are mainly found in the adult community and not as a traditional spanking implement.

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