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The Test, painting by Thomas Armstrong of a governess examining her charge (1865).

A governess is a woman entrusted with the care and supervision of a child, especially in a rich private home, as a caregiver. She is a female employee from outside of the family who teaches children within the family circle.

Education and discipline[edit]

In contrast to a nanny or baby-sitter, she is concentrated on teaching and training children past toddler age (pre-school and schoolchildren), working on their behavior and education, rather than looking after their needs such as feeding or hygiene.

As this is the age where children traditionally require greatest discipline, governesses are (or used to be) entrusted with their punishment, whenever such should be required. Governesses have therefore become popular authority figures in child spanking novels, spanking stories, spanking art and other art forms of the F/m and F/f pairing.

Spanking novel[edit]

Governess is also the title of a spanking novel by Harriet Marwood (1967).

Fetish films[edit]

  • Governess (from Lupus Pictures) is a spanking video set in the 1900s with elegant period-piece costumes and sets. Two short films from their Lupus Dreams division that involve governesses are Raging Bull and The Thief.
  • Mrs. Thistlewaite and the Dirty Girl (Spanking Epics), sequel to the above featurette.


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